Live Snooker Betting

Live Snooker Betting

Snooker has always been a popular spectator sport in the UK going back to the 80s when some of the highest recorded viewing figures in the UK were for the World Championships final. The difference between then and now is that you can now watch the action and place your bets at the same time.

Being quite a gentle, laid-back sport, there is plenty of time to study the progress of the match and formulate your idea of how it will pan out. This is very much a one-on-one sport and players become known for how well they deal with pressure situations. This can of course be used to your advantage if you feel you can predict how a player will play for the rest of the match. There are plenty of in play betting markets when it comes to snooker with every frame, foul and match to be wagered upon.

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How It Works

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As stated above, there is plenty of opportunity during the course of a snooker match to see how both players are faring and what kind of match it will be. Just like in a football match where you may want to watch the first 10 or 20 minutes before placing a bet, you can quite easily watch the first couple of frames of snooker match before deciding on how to place your money.

Markets such as the final score or margin of victory are popular with live snooker bettors as there is often a clear favourites and underdog at the start of the match, but as the match progresses, you may see an opportunity to make yourself a better bet. Other possibilities are markets such as who will win the next frame and who will make the next century break.

Perhaps you see a player start the match and he is obviously on fire; you can now quite easily place a bet on him scoring a century in the very next frame. There are lots of exciting markets such as this to go through, especially in big tournaments.

Bonuses & Promotions

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In the past, virtually all of the major snooker tournaments were sponsored by tobacco companies. When this was outlawed by the government, there was a sponsorship gap which has been filled to quite a large extent by bookmakers. What this means is that being so closely associated with snooker tournaments, bookmakers are keen to promote both the tournament and themselves by offering special offers and promotions during these events.

For example, if placing a bet on a particular market such as predicting the correct score in a match, the bookmaker will give you your money back if a 147 is achieved in the tournament at some point. Or perhaps you're considering putting money on a player to win the tournament outright, perhaps a bookmaker is offering to refund of bets on this player if he gets knocked out in the first round?

Keep an eye out for offers such as these bogus on bookmaker's websites and of course here on

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Live Betting Bonuses

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