Live Rugby Betting

Live Rugby Betting

In many ways, rugby is the nation's second favourite sport behind football, but this doesn't always translate to the same kind of interest when it comes to betting on the sport. However, for fans of both Rugby Union and Rugby League, with the advent of live rugby betting, there are now significantly more markets to consider when it comes to placing money on your favourite sport.

What live rugby betting does have in common with football however, is that many of the standard in play markets associated with football can be adapted slightly and carried across to rugby. First/last goalscorer now obviously becomes first/last try scorer, the ultimate winning margin of the match gets changed from goals to points etc. and a whole new world of rugby betting opens up.

And then of course you still have the opportunity to watch the match as you place your bets which is the great advantage of live sports betting. Watch the match progress and as you see an opportunity to place a bet, get online and get your money down quick. There's nothing like the thrill of seeing a bet come good!

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How It Works

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Much the same as soccer, the live rugby betting punter has the luxury of seeing with their own eyes how the match is shaping up before placing a bet. Take the example of a match in which one team goes into a strong lead within the first 10 to 15 minutes; there is probably now no value in putting money on this team to win the match, however it may be worth putting a bet on the margin of victory by the end of the game.

Or how about a situation where the underdogs go into a lead which you do not believe will last; you can now go online and check out the odds for the initially favoured team coming back to win in the second half for example. These two examples really do sum up the great attraction of live sports betting; it is no longer the case that you simply study the form before the match begins and hope for the best, you now genuinely get to see what kind of match it is going to be and use your experience to your advantage.

Bonuses & Promotions

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As with any other sport with plenty of TV coverage, bookmakers are keen to advertise special offers and promotions before and during the match to get you interested. These special offers are usually in the way of extra generous odds on particular markets or handicap markets giving an unlikely advantage to the underdog. These promotions can often be used to your advantage in achieving better value for your wager.

Bookmakers will also try to encourage you to bet by letting you know what the up-to-date odds are as the match progresses. Obviously bookmakers want as much money as possible placed in the match, but this does not mean that you cannot take advantage of generous change in the odds, if you think it fits in with your idea of what is going to happen next.

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