Live Horse Betting

Live Horse Betting

Horseracing is, of course, one of the long-time staples of UK gambling culture and whereas many punters prefer to remain old school; going through the Racing Post with a bacon butty and a cup of tea, many others have embraced online and live horseracing betting. In terms of the markets and research opportunities presented by bookmakers nowadays, horseracing is much the same as greyhound racing but to an even greater extent. It is no coincidence that on the William Hill website the very first sport suggested is horseracing, even before football markets.

With live horseracing betting, you can easily find a new race to bet on every five minutes as many different racetracks around the country are covered. Also, many of the different races and racetracks are actually covered by a streaming feed on the bookmaker's website; this resource plan make Your enjoyment of the races even greater, as you get to watch your horse come in (or not, as the case may unfortunately be).

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How It Works

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Clicking onto the horseracing section of a major bookmaker will present you with a whole host of races and markets to choose from. The odds on individual horses and races are constantly updated to provide you with the most recent figures. Another great live feature many bookmakers incorporate to help you decide where to put your money is a live trackside information feed. This report brings you up to date gossip and recommendations as though you were actually at the track yourself.

So as you can see, the live aspect of modern-day horseracing betting comes from the amount of up-to-date information which can be studied before the actual race begins. As with greyhound racing, the race itself does not last long enough for you to watch some of it and then place your money; this would obviously give the punter far too much of an advantage over the bookmaker, and we know how they don't like that!

This is of course the age of information, and any advantage you can gain of the bookmaker must be taken seriously.

Bonuses & Promotions

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There are certainly plenty of promotions associated with horseracing. Many of the races and big days in the horseracing calendar are sponsored by bookmakers and so they are keen to be as associated as possible with those events. This can lead to great promotions such as guaranteed best odds i.e. the bookmaker sponsoring the race will guarantee to beat any odds offered by any other bookmaker. It is definitely sensible to at least look at the website of the bookmaker sponsoring a big race to see how they are promoting it.

There are very occasionally or also special offers such as money back bets were if you are a horse to win outright, your money will be refunded should be big longshot in the field finish in the top three for example. These are not so common, but can definitely work in your favour should you spot them.

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Live Betting Bonuses

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