Live Greyhound Betting

Live Greyhound Betting

Back in the day, greyhound racing was all about studying the odds and form in the racing press and picking a winner. Nowadays, with live greyhound betting available online, there is much more opportunity to research and watch the odds right up to the last second before placing a bet. What with the average greyhound race only lasting about 30 seconds, opportunities to literally place a bet during the race itself are highly limited but bookmakers have still introduced more to this market than has ever been available previously.

For example many bookmakers now offer a live radio commentary or even live streaming video footage of races from many different tracks around the country. This means you are always in receipt of the most up-to-date and reliable information available, which is obviously highly beneficial to the punter.

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How It Works

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When you are preparing to bet on a particular race, you can now sit down in front of your laptop or PC and watch the odds changing in front of your very eyes. Studying how and where the money is being placed is very important when it comes to the hardcore greyhound racing bettor as this gives an insight into where other punters are putting their money. There is also an option to simply put your bet on whichever dog is the favourite when the race actually starts; not very exciting perhaps (only ever betting on the favourite), but an option nonetheless.

Another benefit is the opportunity to follow all the major tracks around the country at the same time rather than having to focus on only one track. This can give you three or four times as many races to bet on and the excitement and money making possibilities that come with it.

Also, with the expansion of bookmakers live greyhound betting lines has come a great increase in the amount of information available on the individual dogs and tracks. There is an absolute plethora of statistics to go through to help you make your decisions.

Bonuses & Promotions

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With so many greyhound races available every single day and throughout the week, there are plenty of opportunities to bet without taking the promotions into account. Perhaps this is why bookmakers tend to only offer promotions particular to greyhound racing for the biggest races such as the William Hill Derby and the St Leger, as well as the Scottish, Irish and Welsh derbies. Obviously these big races have more fuss about them and it is always worth seeing if there are any good promotions associated, even if you're not normally a live greyhound betting fan.

Some common bonuses are offered by virtually all of the major bookmakers in the UK such as the first deposit bonus. Other bonuses can be paid into your betting account for referring a friend, betting a certain amount over a period of time, or placing a certain number of bets with a bookmaker; these are all great little bonuses to make use of.

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Live Betting Bonuses

# Name Bonus Type Rating More
1 William Hill Table LogoWilliam Hill £25 100% Match-up 10/10 Review Play Now!
2 Bet365 Sports Table LogoBet365 Sports £200 100% Match-up 10/10 Review Play Now!
3 Betfair Table LogoBetfair £25 100% Match-up 9/10 Review Play Now!
4 Betfred Table LogoBetfred £50 100% Match-up 9/10 Review Play Now!
5 Paddy Power Table LogoPaddy Power £50 100% Match-up 9/10 Review Play Now!
6 BetVictor Table LogoBetVictor £25 100% Match-up 8/10 Review Play Now!
7 888 Sport Table Logo888 Sport £50 100% Match-up 7/10 Review Play Now!