Live Golf Betting

Live Golf Betting

Golf is another sport with huge possibilities when it comes to in-play betting. Golf tournaments are typically spread over three or four days with play lasting for a large part of each day as the golfers start their rounds at different times. From a live golf betting point of view, this means you can decide to follow the entire tournament, or individual pairings as they make their way around the course. Neither option really has a benefit over the other, but following a particular pairing or group may give you an insight into the best bet to place as they play their round.

There is also always enough time between each shot for you to place your bet online. This gives the punter a great advantage as you always know exactly what has just happened before you place your wager and risk your cash. The major bookmakers have really taken golf on board as a live betting possibility and there are plenty of markets to take advantage of.

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How It Works

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A lot of money placed on golf is based on which member of a pair or group will score the best over the course of the 18 holes. With live golf betting you can now bet on which member of the group will score better on each individual hole, giving many more opportunities to wager and win. You can even choose just to follow one individual player and bet on how he will score on each hole; all possibilities are catered for, will be player score an albatross, a birdie, on par, a bogey, double, triple - the opportunities and options really are extensive.

Many of the standard golf bets have been altered slightly to work with in-play betting but the punter now has the advantage of seeing how the individual players are performing before placing any bets. If a player has started off badly and is not in particularly good form generally, it may be wise to start betting on him hitting bogies rather than birdies (a bit mean perhaps, but you can also work it the other way).

Bonuses & Promotions

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If you have some extra cash to wager (perhaps from an initial deposit bonus or referral) why not place it on one of the special markets provided by many bookmakers which offer you an extra opportunity to get your money back. These special promotions can include all sorts of different markets, but a fun one is for a bookmaker to refund on certain bets if a hole-in-one is scored in that competition at any point that day.

If you're watching the action on television, commercials may often come up during the breaks giving details of the newest odds and special offers (you may have seen the Bet365 adverts with Ray Winstone). Keep an eye out for these and also on our website for the best bets to consider placing. These special offers and promotions are often for the sake of publicity but that is not to say they cannot be used to your advantage.

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Live Betting Bonuses

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