Live Football Betting

live football betting

No sport has embraced the new possibilities of in-play betting more than football, and understandably so given its position as both the nation's and the world's most popular sport. Live football betting is certainly full of opportunities to place a bet with often up to 100 different markets available during the course of a match. It's often a great idea to watch the first few minutes of the match to get a feel for the game before putting your money down. You may even want to wait until the second half of the match before making your bet, feeling you know exactly what's going to happen. This is all possible with in-play betting.

Even if you're just looking to add a little spice to your afternoon, there is nothing like watching a football match when you have a few quid riding on it.

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How It Works

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Depending on the importance and stature of the match in question, there can be anywhere from two dozen to over 100 different markets available to the punter. The most popular market is probably the next goalscorer bet; here you have the opportunity to put your money on which player or team you feel is the most likely to score next. Odds vary hugely depending on the likeliness of your bet coming good, but if you are backing an individual player to score next, you will normally receive fantastic odds.

You can also place bets are on more obscure events during the match such as which team will win the next corner, what time during the match the next goal will go in, how many red and yellow cards there will end up being in the match, and even if a particular player will end up getting sent off. Bookmakers have really used their imagination to come up with as many different markets as possible, and using either your great knowledge of the sport, or just a hunch, it can be a great way of adding excitement to the match you are watching.

Bonuses & Promotions

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As with any other highly competitive marketplace, bookmakers are extremely keen to get you to come to them rather than one of their rivals. With this in mind, many bookmakers offer bonuses and promotions to reel you in. For new customers, the most common bonus is your first deposit bonus. When you first put money into your betting account, the bookmaker will add to this deposit, often doubling your initial outlay.

Other times, bookmakers will offer specific money back offers if a particular result comes in. For example, if you've bet on a particular player to be the first goalscorer, but the match ends up goalless, the bookmaker will give you your money back. Promotions like this are great little incentives for you to choose one bookie over the other, and it can be wise to take advantage of these.

It is always worth keeping up-to-date with bookmakers promotions and bonuses by using this website to see what is going on with each individual bookie.

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