Live Cricket Betting

Live Cricket Betting

Being a sport which can last for up to 5 days on end, there is no doubt cricket has become one of the most popular sports for live betting and in-play markets. With hundreds and hundreds of deliveries, runs and minutes of match play, there is quite possibly more opportunity to bet on cricket than any other sport.

Also, not only do the matches themselves last anywhere from an afternoon to 5 days of action, but there are also plenty of individual matches to bet on from league games to full international test cricket all over the world. If ever there were a sport made for live betting, cricket is surely it and more and more bookmakers are offering in-play markets to make the most of this. There can be very few sports where you not only watch the game for the whole day, but you can have fun placing bets on the match all day too.

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How It Works

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Normally there is no more than about a minute between each delivery in cricket; in the world of online gambling, this is more than enough to place your next bet and so every single ball becomes an opportunity to wager. Will the next ball be a 'dot ball' (no run scored), a double, a four, a six, a no ball, a wicket - it's up to you to decide and there are many different systems of placing bets to look into.

Looking at more long-term bets, if a player starts well, gets into double figures and you fancy him to go on to make a 50 or a century, put some money on it and take advantage of the very good odds available in live cricket betting. On the other hand of course, a batsman may come in looking a little shaky and you can bet on him to not even make double figures. These are all great opportunities and examples of how to bet in-play with cricket.

Bonuses & Promotions

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With hours on end of live cricket betting opportunity, bookmakers often offer ad hoc promotions during the gameplay to encourage you to make a bet. These promotions could be similar to the examples given above; for example if a player makes it to 50 and you put money on him to make a century, a bookmaker may give you your money back if he gets run out. These spur of the moment promotions are not only lots of fun, but can often make the difference between a good bet and a great bet.

You can also take advantage of bookmakers offering to add a certain percentage to your initial deposit as a new customer. Most bookmakers do this and it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for this bonus. You can also receive a bonus deposit by referring your friends to a particular bookmaker; when your friend makes his first deposit, you will often both receive a bonus.

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Live Betting Bonuses

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