Live Boxing Betting

Live Boxing Betting

Boxing is yet another sport which has embraced in-play betting. Being one of those sports where high profile matches are not taking place almost every day (unlike football for example) there are often limited opportunities to gamble on boxing. With the advent of live boxing betting, this has now changed a little as punters can now bet on almost any match they can watch live, either on TV or streaming.

As usual with in-play betting, the main advantage to the punter is the ability to watch the start of the match and get a feel for the action, before actually making any wagers. So now, instead of simply betting on who will win the fight, or by what method, sports bettors can now bet on a whole host of new markets, adding both to the fun, and the number of potential winning bets.

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How It Works

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So say for example you are watching a boxing match, you've seen the first couple of rounds, and you think you know exactly what's going to happen. If you think, say Floyd Mayweather has got the beating of his man and will finish it in the sixth; you can now place that bet exactly. Another example would be that you can see after the first round that this match is going to be a total slugfest, and someone is bound to get knocked out. How about putting a bet on the finishing method being either KO or TKO? Makes sense right?

Other available markets when it comes to live boxing betting are: which round will the fight finish in, regardless of who wins the match and who will throw the largest number of punches in the fight? You can also bet on the winner of each individual round as it happens.

Of course, if you're the kind of guy who loves an underdog; perhaps you're watching a match where one of the guys is getting a good hiding but you know he has heart and fancy him for a comeback, you could easily put a bet on him coming back to win by finish, and reap the rewards.

Bonuses & Promotions

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Bookmakers will offer the usual first deposit and referral bonuses to make you keener to come to them for your betting fun. These are staples of the online bookmaker, and certainly make it beneficial to have more than one account to take advantage of these additional funds.

Specific to boxing betting, bookmakers may opt to offer money back bets to make it more worth your while betting with them. For example, if you place a bet on one of the boxers to win by knockout, but the match goes to a decision, the bookmaker will refund your bet. Bookmakers often pick out these individual markets and factor in promotions to make a more enticing bet.

With big money boxing matches only coming around every few months, bookmakers are keen to get as much money on board as possible, and so it is certainly worth your while looking around for the best promotions if there is a particular fight you wish to place a bet on.

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Live Betting Bonuses

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