In-Play Betting

Before the relatively recent launch of in-play betting, many punters felt there was a gap in the market in terms of sports betting. There were many who wanted to place a bet late but found the market was closed, and many who simply found pre-play betting very limiting – after all, how can you correctly judge a team's chances without taking into account any unforeseen injuries or substitutions, or simply just bad form on the day?

What Is In-Play Betting?

Unsurprisingly, in-play betting is now the fastest growing sports bet currently on offer, and it's not hard to see why. It is by no means an exaggeration to say that the introduction of in-play betting has been a revelation in the gambling world. The ability to bet on an event while it's running has meant that bettors can now enjoy even more excitement, entertainment and enjoyment. Not only can you bet on a wide range of sporting activities, but you can also bet on a vast array of markets, which can categorically enhance your chances of winning.

Whereas previously punters had to place bets before the action unfolded, in-play betting has meant that you can place your bets, in real time, once the race, match or game is underway. Instead of having to guess the form of your team or player on the day, you can wait until the game starts before judging whether you want to bet or not. Not only does placing your bets based on the performance of your team significantly lower any risk levels there may be, but it also has led to even more betting opportunities. The odds are continuously updated depending on the game; if you feel the team you bet on to win are not playing well, or the opposition are unexpectedly strong, you can place another, contradictory bet. This is also a fantastic way to cover any losses.

An Exciting Betting Experience

Fast-paced and exhilarating, in-play betting is also a great way to keep your interest elevated during long games. With options of betting on the full-time result, next goal and total match goals, you will always be on the edge of your seat. Depending on the sport being played, the types of live betting markets on offer will vary. For example, in some team sports betting markets are temporarily re-opened at half time, allowing punters to bet on the outcome of the game based on what they have seen in the first half. However, sports like football offer live betting markets, with bettors able to place bets in real time.

So what else you can you bet live on? The possibilities are almost endless; the most popular events are football, rugby, tennis, horse racing, cricket and golf, but there are numerous alternatives. Nearly all sports have some form of in-play market, and the number of events and markets available to in-play bet on are growing all the time, due to its huge popularity.

Live Betting Bonuses

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