What Will Prince George’s First Word Be?

July 26, 2013 - Posted by LiveBetting.co.uk

Did you think that just because Kate Middleton is no longer pregnant and Prince George has been named there would be no more betting to do with the new born royal? Because if you did then you would be wrong.

I’m always up for a good novelty bet, and this one has really tickled my funny bone. Paddy Power are giving you the opportunity to bet on the little Prince’s first word; the bets on royalty aren’t over just yet it would seem.

The Future King’s Speech

So what do you think it’s going to be? I was told that my first word was ‘git’, which sounds about right; I can’t imagine Prince George coming out with something like that…

Here’s a list of the possible bets you can make:

First Word Odds
Papa 7/4
Mama 2/1
Nanny 8/1
Bye bye 12/1
Hello 12/1
No 12/1
Pippa 16/1
Juice 20/1
Harry 20/1
Gimme 25/1
Yes 25/1
Ball 25/1
Dog 25/1
Grandma 25/1
Horse 33/1
Book 33/1
Apple 33/1
Blanket 33/1
Car 33/1
Bottle 33/1
Choclate 33/1
Thank you 33/1
Goodnight 33/1
Bird 40/1
Winnie The Pooh 40/1
Queen 40/1
Rain 40/1
Train 40/1
Bike 50/1
Dora The Explorer 66/1
Swing 66/1
Crown 66/1
Plane 66/1
Carriage 66/1
Slide 80/1
Liz 80/1
Your Majesty 80/1
Great Grandma 80/1
Corgi 100/1
Mills 100/1
Yacht 100/1
Croquet 100/1
Where is one’s soother? 200/1
Mine’s a gin and dubonnet 200/1
Supercalafragalisticexpialadocious 500/1

Do you think you have the linguistic knowledge to have a good guess at what the new-born Prince’s first words will be? If so, you should sign up with Paddy Power and place a bet; there will probably be a few more royalty bets by the time this one’s over.



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