Pick Of The Week: England Vs. Ireland In The Six Nations

The Six Nations has officially kicked off for 2013, and so far we’ve seen three games between the greatest rugby teams on earth. At the moment, the only winners are England, Ireland and Italy, but we’re bound to see some decent action from France, Wales and Scotland in the coming matches.

The one match we’re focused on at the moment though, is the upcoming England vs. Ireland that will take place on Sunday the 10th of February at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. Both teams won their last respective matches and will be taking each over on in the hopes to gain an early lead in the Six Nations competition.

Battle In The UK

Both teams have something to gain from this match, but England wants to get some revenge after their defeat to Ireland two years ago. The England team were confident that they would walk away with the Grand Slam title, only to lose the match to Ireland. Now they’re back and they have something to prove.

Ireland, on the other hand, aren’t about to give this match up without a fight. They have the momentum to win after a win in Cardiff against the Welsh team, but have said they won’t get complacent. They too have something to prove after they lost to England last year.

This will be, without a doubt, one of the closest matches during the Six Nations, so make sure you place your bets wisely. Here are some of ours if you need any inspiration.

  • We want our home team to win, so £20 has gone on England to finish as victors. With odds of 10/11, we’ll get a tidy sum of £38.
  • As much as we want England to win, we know it’s going to be close. With odds of 7/2, we’ve put £10 on England only winning by 1-5 points, which will hopefully win us £45.
  • We’re hoping Chris Ashton will score the first try for England, we’re putting a fiver on the odds of 4/1, so we’re looking at winning £25 here.

George Vs. Patrick

Seeing the odds for this game is amazing! Both England and Ireland are shown to have equal chances right across the board, so who will win is anyone’s guess really. Just make sure you tune in at 15:00 on Sunday so you don’t miss it!

If you like the look of the bets we’ve made, then why not sign up with Paddy Power? We gathered our information on the odds from them and they’re well-known for their humour and professionalism. It couldn’t hurt to have some luck of the Irish on your side.

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Pick Of The Week: Return To The Autumn Internationals

For our sports pick this week, we’re coming back to the Autumn Internationals with another amazing match-up to keep you rugby fans on the edge of your seats. The English and French rugby teams go head to head this Saturday on the 3rd of November and we’re getting our bets in early!

We’ve had our experts together to decide what we should be placing money on, and it’s a difficult choice. England and France are reasonably equal in skill; however England could suffer from the loss of their former captain, Jamie Peacock, who has retired from international games.

Things To Keep In Mind

The England team will also have to do without two more of their superstars, Ben Westwood and James Graham, due to injuries from previous games. The French team, on the other hand, are raring to go with some of their best players, including stars from the Catalan Dragons, who recently reached the Super League play offs earlier this season.

We’ve taken all of this into consideration, and it has given us a good idea on what bets to make, although we’re naturally biased towards England winning.

What We’re Betting On

Just to clarify, we think England is going to win, however the odds on them winning would give us minimal cash-back. Instead, we’re going for some more complicated bets this week.

  • For a start, we don’t think either team are going to make 3 unanswered tries, usually this would have lower odds, but this week the odds are at 12/1. We’ve placed a tenner, so we’re looking to win £130!

  • We reckon that France has a good chance of getting 10 points first. Well, actually, we don’t think they do, but we’ll bet on it anyway. With odds at 7/1 we’ll be placing £5 on this, giving us a return of £40.

  • Finally, we think that England is going to win with a margin of 1 – 12 points, this has 14/1 chance of happening. We’ll be putting £20 on this, meaning we’ll win £200 if we’re right!

Place Your Bets!

There’s a lot of money to win off of this match, so if you’re a rugby enthusiast you’d be a fool to miss out. We’ve gone with Bet365 for this week’s bets, however all bookies will be offering the same odds as shown here, just make sure you place all of your bets before they close at 14:30 on Saturday!

Remember to bet sensibly! Both England and France are formidable teams; it might be worth making some of the more complicated bets instead of the easy ones for this match. If you want to keep an eye on the game then tune into BBC2 at 14:15 to watch it live.

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