Pick of the Week: Murray’s Out of the US Open…But with Paddy Power, You Could Still be a Winner!

So, it’s official. Murray has crashed out in the quarter finals of the Men’s US Open after having his little Scottish backside handed to him in straight sets by world number 10 Stanislas Wawrinka.

The bad news is we’ve been robbed of the dream Murray-Djokovic clash at Flushing Meadows that everyone was expecting. But the good news is you can still rake in a killing at the bookies, because now it’s anyone’s game.

Murray Loses 1

Game? Set? Match?

Even with Murray gone, there are loads of way to flutter on the rest of the tournament, Paddy Power are receiving wagers on the outcomes of matches, sets and stages of elimination.

What’s more, they’re running a promotion where newcomers to Paddy Power Vegas can trigger a £5 free bet on the US Open by registering a £1 stake.

Paddy Power US Open Promo

In our opinion, you’d be daft to shill out on an outright bet (which do you fancy, 10/11 on Nadal or 11/10 on Djokovic?), but paying attention to players’ performance over the course of the tournament offers some potential for slightly more left-field wagers.

For instance, Wawrinka is nobody’s favourite to take the title, but his attacking game means that he might well triumph in his first set against a natural defensive fighter like Djokovic.

Stanislas Wawrinka

Never Mind Murray

No matter what your wager, Paddy Power are offering a Money-Back special if the last set of any match goes to a tie-break, so there’s a bit of insurance for you.

What better way to get over the disappointment of seeing Murray’s streak fizzle out than nabbing dosh betting on one of his competitors? Sorry Andy, but all’s fair in love and tennis.

You can check out the full list of odds and lay down a wager over on the Paddy Power website!

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Pick of the Week: FHM’s Sexiest Woman 2014

The announcement of FHM’s 100 sexiest women in the world list occupies a hallowed space on the LiveBetting.co.uk calendar. Readers from across the country cast their votes over three months to compile and rank the nation’s favourite hotties and we, glued to our monitors, eagerly await the results every single year.


Here Come the Girls!

Last year’s upset, with N-Dubz’ Tulisa nabbing the #1 spot (really guys…really?) had the bookies popping the champagne corks and booking flights to Ibiza.The 2013 list, announced in May, was less surprising, with firm favourite Mila Kunis taking the title of Sexiest Woman in the World. No argument here.

FHM have announced the full list of hopefuls for next year and Paddy Power are taking bets on readers’ choices for the sexiest woman in the world in 2014. Some of the favourites include club diva Rihanna, last year’s champion Mila Kunis and Girls Aloud glamour-puss Cheryl Cole; although we reckon that tattoo on her arse might just send her odds plummeting.

Here’s the full run-down, odds from Paddy Power:

FHM’s Sexiest Woman of the Year 2014 Odds
Rihanna 5/1
Mila Kunis 5/1
Michelle Keegan 7/1
Kate Upton 10/1
Cheryl Cole 10/1
Georgia Salpa 10/1
Helen Flanagan 14/1
Millie Mackintosh 16/1
Kelly Brook 16/1
Kim Sears 20/1
Nicole Scherzinger 20/1
Pixie Lott 25/1
Irina Shayk 25/1
Emma Watson 33/1
Kelly Donegan 33/1
Daisy Lowe 33/1
Frankie Sandford 33/1
Megan Fox 33/1
Pippa Middleton 33/1
Keely Hazell 33/1
Katy Perry 33/1
Jennifer Lawrence 33/1
Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley 33/1
Miranda Kerr 40/1
Kate Middleton 40/1
Kim Kardashian 40/1
Beyonce 40/1
Tulisa Contostavlos 40/1
Jessie J 40/1
Angelina Jolie 40/1
Olivia Munn 40/1
Jennifer Aniston 66/1
Holly Willoughby 66/1
Lady GaGa 80/1


Girl on Top

Personally, any of these girls could top our list, but which do you fancy for a winner? Harbour any S&M fantasies involving Rihanna? Perhaps you wanna get behind Kim Kardashian? Or maybe you fancy a peek inside Lady GaGa’s meat skirt?

If you think one of these fine specimens is a dead-cert, why not go to Paddy Power and put your money where your mouth is? And don’t forget to follow us on twitter!

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Who will Win Celebrity Big Brother 2013?

Well, it’s that time again folks.

Last night Celebrity Big Brother returned to our screens, so you can expect to see BB updates plastered over magazines and beamed out from every screen for the next few months.

And whether you spent last night glued to the idiot box soaking up the reality love or sat in your room with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears, there’s serious money to be made betting on the victor!

The line-up this year has some big names and even bigger personalities…plus the usual cohort of D-listers scarcely anyone has heard of.

McCalled it!

A few notable contestants include Pineapple Dance Studio director, Louis ‘liquid legs’ Spence, TOWIE’s Mario Falcone and…uh… racist former Man United manager Ron Atkinson. Sure to be a firm favourite.

Bet365 are taking bets on the winner, so why not head on over and wager a few bob on your pick of the litter?

Celebrity Big Brother 2013

Here’s the full list of contestants (odds from Bet365):

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Contestants Odds
Charlotte Crosby 13/5
Louis Spence 3/1
Carol McGiffin 7/1
Dustin Diamond 8/1
Vicky Entwistle 11/1
Abz Love 12/1
Bruce Jones 18/1
Mario Falcone 22/1
Roy Atkinson 20/1
Courtney Stodden 25/1
Sophie Anderton 40/1
Lauren Harries 50/1
Daniel Marr 66/1

So, who do you fancy for king/queen of the 2013 Celebrity Big Brother house? If you feel like a flutter, head on over to Bet365, sign up and pick this year’s celebrity winner!

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Get To Paddy Power For Some Shameful Promotions

You’ve got to give Paddy Power credit where it’s due, they really know how to draw attention to themselves. They have their own brand of pants which has already got them into trouble, and know they’re using trouble as an excuse to give away free bets; not that we’re complaining about it or anything.

The latest cheeky promotion from Paddy Power is called Ball Of Shame. The concept is very simple; you’ll receive free bets and promotions any time some bad and shameful behaviour occurs on the pitch. This could be pitch invading, someone pinching a corner flag, a little bit of harmless head-butting or just a player who doesn’t want to stop his shouting match with the ref.


How It Works

Any time Paddy Power deems a player’s or fan’s action as shameful, they’ll give away a few deals to anyone who’s signed up to Paddy Power and registered their allegiance to the same team as that player or fan. They’ve already given all registered Blackpool fans a free £10 bet because of a pitch invasion during their Carling Cup loss to Preston last night.

So what do you think? There’s bound to be some despicable behaviour during any football season, so it’s worth signing up with Paddy Power in the hopes that your team might be do something outrageous. Don’t forget to mention it on Twitter too with #BallOfShame.

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What Will Prince George’s First Word Be?

Did you think that just because Kate Middleton is no longer pregnant and Prince George has been named there would be no more betting to do with the new born royal? Because if you did then you would be wrong.

I’m always up for a good novelty bet, and this one has really tickled my funny bone. Paddy Power are giving you the opportunity to bet on the little Prince’s first word; the bets on royalty aren’t over just yet it would seem.

The Future King’s Speech

So what do you think it’s going to be? I was told that my first word was ‘git’, which sounds about right; I can’t imagine Prince George coming out with something like that…

Here’s a list of the possible bets you can make:

First Word Odds
Papa 7/4
Mama 2/1
Nanny 8/1
Bye bye 12/1
Hello 12/1
No 12/1
Pippa 16/1
Juice 20/1
Harry 20/1
Gimme 25/1
Yes 25/1
Ball 25/1
Dog 25/1
Grandma 25/1
Horse 33/1
Book 33/1
Apple 33/1
Blanket 33/1
Car 33/1
Bottle 33/1
Choclate 33/1
Thank you 33/1
Goodnight 33/1
Bird 40/1
Winnie The Pooh 40/1
Queen 40/1
Rain 40/1
Train 40/1
Bike 50/1
Dora The Explorer 66/1
Swing 66/1
Crown 66/1
Plane 66/1
Carriage 66/1
Slide 80/1
Liz 80/1
Your Majesty 80/1
Great Grandma 80/1
Corgi 100/1
Mills 100/1
Yacht 100/1
Croquet 100/1
Where is one’s soother? 200/1
Mine’s a gin and dubonnet 200/1
Supercalafragalisticexpialadocious 500/1

Do you think you have the linguistic knowledge to have a good guess at what the new-born Prince’s first words will be? If so, you should sign up with Paddy Power and place a bet; there will probably be a few more royalty bets by the time this one’s over.

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Who’s Headlining Glastonbury Next Year?

Well, there goes Glastonbury festival for another year, and now most music aficionados are looking forward to the next annual festival. The big question on everyone’s mind (soon enough) will be ‘who will be head lining Glastonbury 2014?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to that, but we do that you can place some bets on the more likely participants with William Hill. Take a look at the table below to see who might be next year’s main attraction to England’s muddiest festival!



Foo Fighters 6/1
Kasabian 6/1
High Flying Birds 8/1
Stone Roses 10/1
Kings Of Leon 12/1
Bob Dylan 16/1
Prince 16/1
Bloc Party 20/1
Daft Punk 20/1
Black Sabbath 25/1
David Bowie 25/1
Jay Z 25/1
Kanye West 25/1
Led Zeppelin 25/1
Oasis 25/1
Pink Floyd 25/1
Fleetwood Mac 33/1
Happy Mondays 33/1
Justin Timberlake 33/1
Lionel Richie 33/1
New Order 33/1
Red Hot Chilli Peppers 33/1
Jake Bugg 40/1
Bruce Springsteen 50/1
Florence And The Machine 50/1
Elvis Costello 66/1
Justin Bieber 100/1

You’ve got plenty of time until next year’s Glastonbury festival, so take your time before you bet. You might as well sign up with William Hill today though, as they have plenty of other bets you can make in the meantime.

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Who’s Winning Wimbledon? The Bets Are on!

It’s come to that time of year again, when it’s meant to be summer but we look out the window and see nothing but a never-ending tide of grey clouds and the inevitable bursts of thunder and lightning. At least Wimbledon’s centre court has a roof now, so we can still watch Murray play with balls and throw towels at people even in the rain.

Wimbledon will be starting on Monday once the draws have taken place, so we’re expecting to see a lot of bets and a lot more funny pictures of tennis players pulling funny faces. More importantly, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make some money from this tournament.


Place Your Bets On The Winner Of Wimbledon With Paddy Power!

Paddy Power are being quite generous with their Wimbledon bets this year. Here are the only bets from Paddy Power you’ll need to worry about:

Player Odds
Djokovic 5/4
Murray 10/3
Nadal 9/2
Federer 13/2

But that isn’t everything! If Andy Murray wins and you’ve made a losing bet of less than £100 before the 3rd round, your bet will be refunded! That way, you don’t lose anything if the nation wins.

Place Some Unique Bets With William Hill

Wimbledon wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t bet on something strange or unexpected happening, and William Hill have provided us with some special bets you can place which have very little to do with the winners of the matches:

Any player being asked to change as their clothes don’t comply with the rules EVENS
Any player to be cautioned for excessive grunting on court 8/1
Full day’s play washed out (not including centre court) 8/1
Temperature of 37C or more recorded over the two weeks of Wimbledon 25/1
Official caterers for the event to run out of champagne and strawberries 33/1
Andy Murray to win and propose to Kim in the winner’s speech 50/1

Get Your Bets In Now Before Rain Stops Play

Remember, you won’t be eligible to receive your refunded losing bet if you place your wager too late, so make sure you get it in nice and early to avoid disappointment. Just remember, in 2010 Wimbledon ran out of Pimms, which is probably the real reason for the London riots the following year; so it’s more than possible for them to run out of strawberries and champagne this year.

Follow us on Twitter and we’ll keep you updated on Wimbledon bets!

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Doctor Who? Bets On The Next Doctor

If you’re a complete sci-fi nerd like some of us, myself included, then you’ll be biting your nails until the Christmas special of Doctor Who when we finally find out who will be playing the next regeneration of the last Time Lord of Gallifrey. At the moment there is some interesting speculation about who could play The Doctor, who the fans want as The Doctor, and could the new regeneration even be female? Before you ask, yes, they can regenerate between genders. Science!

A Ginger Doctor?

At the moment, there are over 40 different actors and actresses suspected to be playing the Doctor. I would list them out, but you could just head on over to Paddy Power and see them for yourself. Instead, here are some of my own favourites:

Rupert Grint

We’ve all seen Harry Potter, so don’t act like you don’t know who Ron Weasley is. The past two regenerations have complained about not being ginger, so could it finally be time for a Doctor with red hair?

Benedict Cumberbatch

You’ll recognise him from either the Sherlock TV series or from the recent movie ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’. Either way, you can rest assured he would make a very interesting Doctor, plus his last name is fun to pronounce.

Fun Fact: Benedict Cumberbatch’s fan base is known as ‘Cumberbitches’.

Tom Hiddleston

If you don’t think that Loki from ‘Thor’ and ‘Avengers Assemble’ would make an amazing Doctor then you need to re-think your life.

live-betting-next-doctorFrom left to right: Benedict Cumberbatch, Rupert Grint, Tom Hiddleston.

YOLOATRTT (You Only Live Once And Then Regenerate Twelve Times)

If you think you can work out who will be playing the next regeneration of The Doctor, then why not put down a bet with Paddy Power? There’s plenty of time until the Christmas episode is released, so you can think about it for a while whilst re-watching the last series that just finished.


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Get In Early With Some Royal Ascot Bets

As you may know, the Royal Ascot is in two weeks’ time on the 18th of June. Some websites are letting you bet early so you don’t have to rush yourself on the day. You’ve got horses such as Shea Shea, Sole Power, Farhh and Trade Storm appearing on The King’s Stand Stakes and The Queen Anne Stakes.

If you bet with William Hill, you can get some great odds on a lot of the horses, as well as hints and tips from some of the other keen punters! Here are the horses lined up to race on The King’s Stand Stakes and the Queen Anne Stakes:

King’s Stand Stakes

Horse Odds
Shea Shea 11/4
Reckless Abandon 8/1
Sole Power 10/1
Swiss Spirit 10/1
Rosdhu Queen 12/1
Shamexpress 12/1
Spirit Quartz 12/1
Kingsgate Native 14/1
Maarek 14/1
Mince 14/1
Cristoforo Colombo 16/1
Pearl Secret 16/1
Slade Power 16/1
Soul 16/1
George Vancouver 20/1
Gale Force Ten 25/1
Heeraat 25/1
Bungle InTheJungle 33/1
Jack Dexter 33/1
Medicean Man 33/1
Nocturnal Affair 33/1
Pedro The Great 33/1
Prohibit 33/1
Fire Eyes 40/1
Move In Time 40/1
Parliament Square 40/1
Ballesteros 50/1
Caledonia Lady 50/1
Doc Hay 50/1
Pearl Acclaim 50/1
York Glory 50/1
Angels Will Fall 66/1
Elusivity 66/1
Hoyam 66/1
Stepper Point 66/1
All Ablaze 100/1
Taajub 100/1

Queen Anne Stakes

Horse Odds
Animal Kingdom 6/4
Farhh 3/1
Declaration Of War 10/1
Trade Storm 12/1
Cityscape 14/1
Elusive Kate 14/1 14/1
Most Improved 14/1
Aljamaaheer 16/1
Beauty Parlour 16/1
Giofra 16/1
Sovereign Debt 16/1
Gregorian 33/1
Side Glance 33/1
Trumpet Major 33/1
Indomito 40/1
Gabrial 50/1
Chil The Kite 66/1
Penitent 66/1
Foxtrot Romeo 100/1
Libranno 100/1
Miblish 100/1
Monsieur Chevalier 100/1
Reply 100/1
Stand My Ground 100/1
Windsor Palace 200/1

If you like the look of any of the bets you see here, head on over to William Hill and see what all the fuss is about. Alternatively, you could also sign up with BetFair or Paddy Power as they’re also offering some great odds on the Royal Ascot.

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Pick Of The Week: Bet With Paddy Power – England VS Brazil

With the friendly match at the renovated Maracana stadium drawing ever closer, our Pick of the Week is this Sunday’s match between Brazil and England. The match is going ahead despite worries that the stadium was unsafe. It’s the first time England have been back to Brazil since June 1984, where they won 2-0.

Place your bets with Paddy Power today!

Markets Offered

We’ve got our eye on both the correct score markets and the win markets. Paddy Power offers a great selection of bets to choose from, but here are the most interesting markets available.

Here are the odds for the team to win:


Brazil 4/7 Draw 11/4 England 9/2

Draw No Bet

Brazil 1/5 England 3/1

These are the odds for the correct score at the end of Brazil vs England on Sunday 2nd June:

Correct Score

Brazil 1-0 - 6/1 Draw 0-0 - 11/1 England 1-0 - 14/1
Brazil 2-0 - 7/1 Draw 1-1 - 6/1 England 2-0 - 30/1
Brazil 2-1 - 13/2 Draw 2-2 - 12/1 England 2-1 - 14/1
Brazil 3-0 - 11/1 Draw 3-3 - 50/1 England 3-0 - 90/1
Brazil 3-1 - 11/1 Draw 4-4 - 300/1 England 3-1 - 45/1
Brazil 3-2 - 19/1 England 3-2 - 40/1
Brazil 4-0 - 22/1 England 4-0 - 375/1
Brazil 4-1 - 22/1 England 4-1 - 175/1
Brazil 4-2 - 40/1 England 4-2 - 150/1
Brazil 4-3 - 90/1 England 4-3 - 200/1
Brazil 5-0 - 60/1 England 5-0 - 500/1
Brazil 5-1 - 55/1 England 5-1 - 500/1
Brazil 5-2 - 100/1 England 5-2 - 500/1
Brazil 5-3 - 225/1 England 5-3 - 500/1
Brazil 5-4 - 500/1 England 5-4 - 500/1
Brazil 6-0 - 175/1 England 6-0 - 500/1
Brazil 6-1 - 150/1 England 6-1 - 500/1
Brazil 7-0 - 500/1 England 7-0 - 500/1
Brazil 7-1 - 475/1 England 7-1 - 500/1
Brazil 8-0 - 500/1 England 8-0 - 500/1
Brazil 8-1 - 500/1 England 8-1 - 500/1
Brazil 9-0 - 500/1 England 9-0 - 500/1
Brazil 10-0 - 500/1 England 10-0 - 500/1

Keeping It Friendly

The last time England were in Brazil it was Alex Oxlade’s father on the pitch. Now that the 19 year old has the chance of playing the same ground his father played years before all that’s left to ask is how will England do this Sunday? Where will your money be going?

Enjoy your weekend! We know we will.

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