Pick of the Week: Murray’s Out of the US Open…But with Paddy Power, You Could Still be a Winner!

September 6, 2013 - Posted by Alice Jenkinson

So, it’s official. Murray has crashed out in the quarter finals of the Men’s US Open after having his little Scottish backside handed to him in straight sets by world number 10 Stanislas Wawrinka.

The bad news is we’ve been robbed of the dream Murray-Djokovic clash at Flushing Meadows that everyone was expecting. But the good news is you can still rake in a killing at the bookies, because now it’s anyone’s game.

Murray Loses 1

Game? Set? Match?

Even with Murray gone, there are loads of way to flutter on the rest of the tournament, Paddy Power are receiving wagers on the outcomes of matches, sets and stages of elimination.

What’s more, they’re running a promotion where newcomers to Paddy Power Vegas can trigger a £5 free bet on the US Open by registering a £1 stake.

Paddy Power US Open Promo

In our opinion, you’d be daft to shill out on an outright bet (which do you fancy, 10/11 on Nadal or 11/10 on Djokovic?), but paying attention to players’ performance over the course of the tournament offers some potential for slightly more left-field wagers.

For instance, Wawrinka is nobody’s favourite to take the title, but his attacking game means that he might well triumph in his first set against a natural defensive fighter like Djokovic.

Stanislas Wawrinka

Never Mind Murray

No matter what your wager, Paddy Power are offering a Money-Back special if the last set of any match goes to a tie-break, so there’s a bit of insurance for you.

What better way to get over the disappointment of seeing Murray’s streak fizzle out than nabbing dosh betting on one of his competitors? Sorry Andy, but all’s fair in love and tennis.

You can check out the full list of odds and lay down a wager over on the Paddy Power website!

Alice Jenkinson


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