Pick Of The Week: Man U Vs. Aston Villa

April 22, 2013 - Posted by Juan Covas-Marcos

The Premier League might officially end on the 19th of May, but there’s every possibility that we might see the winner tonight! At 8:00pm tonight (Monday the 22nd of April), Manchester United will go head to head against Aston Villa, and people are speculating that the match is likely to be one-sided.

Manchester United are currently sitting at the top of the leader board with a very comfortable 81 points, which is 13 points ahead of their closest competitors Manchester City. On the other hand, Aston Villa are dwindling near the very bottom of the league, and for the time being are only just holding off relegation.


The End Of The Road?

If that wasn’t enough for the Red Devils, then they’ll also be happy to know that they have a chance of beating the record for most points scored in a premier league. The previous owners of this record, Chelsea, scored 95 points in total back in 2005. Manchester United have 5 games left, and if they win them all they will finish the league with 96 points; a new record.

At the moment, Aston Villa are only 3 points ahead of Wigan who are just behind them in the league table and also looking to get out of the relegation zone. Aston Villa could really do with a win tonight, but it’s likely that Manchester United will be walking away with the trophy just under a month early.

Naturally, we’re going to place a few cheeky wagers on this match in the hope of seeing something come from it; here’s what we’ll be betting. All of our bets have been placed through William Hill, so if you’re inspired by our choices then sign up with them here.

  • We reckon Man U will win 3-0 so we’re putting £10 on that, with any luck we’ll get paid out £80.
  • Wayne Rooney’s always a good choice, so we’re putting down £20 that he’ll score the first goal for Man U. We’re looking at a return of £90 for this one.
  • My boss thinks Aston Villa might surprise everyone, so I’m betting a steak dinner that he’s wrong (I hope he’s wrong, I haven’t had steak in ages).

The Red Devils And The Villa

Naturally, we wish both teams the best of luck (although we’re trying to wish more luck towards Man U, nothing personal). Who knows, we might see the Premier League winners tonight, or we could see a shock turn of events; either way, it’ll probably be a good match that you don’t want to miss out on.

Comment below and let us know what bets you’ve made!

Juan Covas-Marcos


Juan used to be a transfer student at the University of Reading. He studied English Language and Literature and also worked for us to help him get through University and also to build his experience in the English language. When he graduated, he became a full-time writer for Live Betting and also helps us out with any translations we need.

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