Pick Of The Week: The Rugby League’s Autumn Internationals

I don’t know if you got the same treatment as I did, but when I was still at school we’d always have to spend winter playing rugby for P.E. I have no idea what the logic is behind that, but the teachers must have had their reasons because even the England team is doing it!

England and Wales go head to head tomorrow for the Autumn Internationals, and we’re all excited to see the results. The big questions for you though, is will you be betting on this match?

Our Personal Picks

The match takes place at 14:15 on the 27th of October. Most bookmakers are taking bets for this game including all the usual more detailed bets. You’ll want to get your bets in as soon as possible though, as a lot of bookies will stop taking bets fifteen minutes after the game starts. After that, you’ll only be able to make in-play bets.

Do you know what you’re going to bet on? Well here’s what I’m placing some wagers on, maybe it’ll give you some inspiration:

  • I reckon Wales has a good chance to score first and with odds of 3/1 I wouldn’t be too surprised if it happened. I’m only placing a fiver on this, but if it happens I’ll win £20, not bad!

  • We know that England are going to win, or at least we hope so, so I’m betting that England will win with a score of 36-40 points more than Wales. The odds of this are 7/1, putting £10 on this will win you £80!

  • I also think it’s a good bet that Wales might score last too; with odds of 3/1 again it’s another safe bet to make which could pocket you four times what you bet!

All of our picks were made on Bet365′s Bookmakers section of their website, so if you interested in these wagers then head to Bet365 and sign up now!

Wales Are Expecting A Scuffle

Wales are expecting to get into a “rough and tumble” with England as a win here will make life for the Welsh team a lot easier. The Endland team have been told to expect fireworks, so are the Welsh team coming back with a bang, or will they just fizzle out?

Autumn For The Bookies

If you’re a big rugby fan, or even just a keen gambler, you’ll want to take part in wagering for your favourite team. You can go for the simple bets like ‘Who will win’ or you could be a little bit more adventurous and see if you can predict other aspects of the game (like we have in our bets).

See if you can win some money from your team’s success, or maybe even your teams failure, might as well make a loss beneficial to you.

Take a look at our bookmaker’s reviews to see who you want to bet with.

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How To Turn £2 Into £1,445,671 Using Only 6 Horses

Here’s a quick brain teaser, what do Semi Colon, Black Phantom, Ammunition, Mr Bennett, Lundy Sky and Lupita have in common? Well for a start they’re all names of horses, secondly they’re the horses that won Steve Whiteley £1.4 million after he placed a small accumulator bet on them all winning!

It would seem that everything was in Steve’s favour that day, as everything happened purely by chance. He obviously had a lucky horse shoe with him.

Only Six Races Away From The Riches

On March the 9th, when Steve Whiteley went to the races, the total jackpot was just over £2 million, which was reduced to £1.4 million after the Tote Levy deductions. Steve claims he only went to the races because he had heard there was free entry and his bus pass would get him there. To make this even more spectacular, he was originally going to bet on two horses from each race, but decided against it and chose to bet only bet on six horses, one for each race.

The accumulator bet he chose was dependent on all six horses he chose winning, so it was an all or nothing situation. The odds of the horses weren’t horrifically unlikely, but all together they made it near impossible to win:

1. Semi Colon – 2/1

2. Black Phantom – 12/1

3. Ammunition – 16/1

4. Mr Bennett – 16/1

5. Lundy Sky – 5/1

6. Lupita – 12/1

Overall, this gave Steve odds of 879,138/1, not exactly the easiest bet to win. Since the jackpot was the combined total of how much everyone had placed on this bet, the odds didn’t reflect how much Steve would win, just how likely (or unlikely in this situation) was to succeed!

After the first four horses from Steve’s pickings won, there were only seven punters in the country who still had a chance of winning, and after Lundy Sky won Steve Whiteley was the only person left who hadn’t lost a race yet. All of his hopes were pinned on Lupita, who was ridden by Jessica Lodge, a jockey who hadn’t won in her last 28 attempts. However, on the 9th of March both Steve’s and Jessica’s ship came in when she finished in 1st place and won him the £1.4 million he had been hoping for.

Image Source

Was It Luck Or Skill?

I wish I could say that Steve had a technique which helped him win and could be repeated for more; however he unashamedly admits that it was all down to pure luck. It would’ve been nice if we could find a way to recreate the situation for ourselves though. Steve was more than happy to be interviewed, and said “I’m not a horse-racing man; I only go once or twice a year. I’m a heating engineer – well, I was!

A week after he won, Steve took his partner to see her family in Australia for her birthday, he had originally bought her a 65p birthday card, but I think that she may have appreciated the holiday a lot more.

I just have to ask, what would you do with that much money? I’d be investing in a trip to Vegas to see if I could win any more.

Remember to bookmark this page to hear about more amazing wins!

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Pick Of The Week: Chelsea vs Tottenham – Boas’ Grudge Match?

Earlier this year, Tottenham Boss Andre-Villas Boas was fired by Chelsea after only spending nine months in their squad. While he holds no grudges towards his old team, sparks might start flying when the boys in blue and the hotspurs meet on the field of battle tomorrow at noon!

That’s right, Boas is going back to Chelsea and he’s bringing the Tottenham Hotspurs with him. The match kicks off at 12:45 on 20/10/2012, so make sure you’ve got your feet up, beer in hand and snacks at the ready. But before any of that, make sure you take advantage of some of the great bets that can be placed on this match!

He’s Back For More!

Tottenham boss Andre-Villas Boas insists that he’s going into this game as though it was any other, and aims to get the 3-point win regardless of who he’s up against. But let’s face it, there’s bound to be a little bit of pride and honour on the line for both teams. Boas has also said that he doesn’t think that Chelsea will suffer from the loss of John Terry, who has been banned for four games due to racist comments.

Every online bookmaker is going to have bets on this match, but obviously you don’t want just any old bookmaker, you want the best. It wouldn’t be surprising to see any unusual in-play bets on a match like this, so make sure you’re near your smart phone or computer at all times, you don’t want to miss out on some big wins! Here are a few wagers we at LiveBetting.co.uk will be making:


  • We like an exciting bet every now and then, but this time around we’re going for a draw. With odds at 12/5 it’s a safe but profitable wager.
  • In keeping with the last bet, and with odds of 6/1, we’re placing a bet on the final result being 1-1
  • We reckon it’s going to be Emmanuel Adebayor to score one of the goals, and with the odds at 7/4, it’s a fairly safe guess.

William Hill

  • We’re going the same way with William Hill, but we want to see what happens if no one scores (apart from there being a really boring episode of ‘Match Of The Day’), so we’re putting a small wager on no goals with odds at 13/2.
  • We’re also going for less than 0.5 goals scored which has its odds at 11/1.
  • Finally, we reckon it’ll be a draw, with 10-12 corners and less than 4 cards. A bit of an elaborate bet, but with odds at 22/1 we can make big money out of a small bet.

Which Side Will You Choose?

There’s a ton of bets to place, regardless of whether you’re a fan of the boys in blue, a complete obsessive of the spurs or just a real wagering entrepreneur. You’re really not going to want to lose out on any bets from this match, and make sure you keep an eye on the in-play bets too, they’re bound to be interesting!

No idea who you should be betting with? Well just take a good look at our bookmaker reviews. We’ve found the best, finest and most trusted names and expertly reviewed them. So if you’re on the fence about who to go with then our reviews will help you decide!

Keep up to date with all the biggest bets by subscribing to our RSS feed.

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Pick Of The Week: The Football World Cup Qualifiers

No matter where you’re from, you’ve got to love the Football World Cup. Being able to walk into any pub and know you’re on the same team as everyone else, cheering at the TV and wearing your countries colours. We can get a little taste of that early since the second round of the 2014 Brazil World Cup qualifiers have started!

There are plenty of matches taking place today, and more after the weekend. But we know there are only a few matches you’re interested in, namely the ones involving England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. If you’re not sure when these teams are playing, here’s a quick list of their next matches at time of writing:

You Can Make Money Like The Footballers

Now, you’re here because you’re a betting enthusiast, so you’re probably wondering ‘how can I make some money from these matches?’. Well pretty much every bookmaker out there will be offering you great odds for every situation possible. Here are my three favourite websites for the 2014 World Cup qualifying matches.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is giving away some pretty amazing odds, regardless of what the bet is. You can place nice and safe bets on categories like ‘Group Winners’, ‘Who will win overall’ and ‘What teams will qualify’. We at LiveBetting.co.uk will be placing our money on:

  • Slovakia being the winner of Group G, with odds of 9/4.
  • Australia failing to qualify for the world cup (nothing personal) with odds of 7/4.
  • Malta being the winner of Group B. With odds of 5000/1 we know it’s unlikely, but even a small bet means big cash here!


Bet365 are showing no confidence whatsoever in San Marino’s ability to play football, it would be quite sad if it wasn’t so hilarious.

If you’re placing a bet on England winning then you can place bets on England scoring up to and including fourteen goals. On the other hand, they aren’t expecting San Marino to score any more than two, if any. You could always make a cheeky profit by betting on some of the more precise bets, like how many corners there’ll be. For us, we’ll be betting on:

  • Wayne Rooney scoring the first goal of the match with odds of 2/1, nice and safe.
  • England to win 3-0, which has the odds 11/1.
  • There being exactly twelve corners, odds of 8/1 are not to be passed up.

William Hill

If you think you’ve seen an extensive list of everything you can ever bet on, then go to William Hill’s betting page and think again! William Hill have listed absolutely anything and everything that could possibly happen during a football match and are letting you bet on all of them.

This varies from regular bets like ‘What the final score will be’ to more detailed wagers like ‘How many goals, corners and cards there will be overall’. If you like to make some more complex bets then head on over to William Hill. We’ll be making some of these ourselves, like:

  • Both teams scoring at least one goal, it could happen with the odds at 7/2.
  • England to win with over twelve corners and six cards handed out, it’s a lot to ask for, but at odds of 16/1, we’re willing to make the risk.
  • Less than 4.5 goals scored at 10/3, you never know England might go easy on San Marino.

Image Source

Pick A Winner

No matter who you bet with, the 2014 Football World Cup is not something to miss out on if you’re a betting fanatic. Show your support to your football team by placing a large amount of money on them, or play it safe and just put bets on Brazil winning everything.

If you don’t know who to play with, take a look at our bookmaker reviews. We’ve listed the best and finest bookmakers from all over the country to make your life easy, and then you can go on to sign up with whoever you like the look of. This will help you for the future as you can use your account to bet on the games when 2014 comes around, and you never know, there may be some special promotions which will send you to see your team in action in Brazil!

Let us know who you’re supporting, and what bets you want to make. If you want you can even tell us how much you win off these games, just drop us a comment below!

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Against All Odds: How To Win Half A Million Pounds.

You’ve all heard of accumulator bets right? These amazing bets aren’t too difficult to understand, you place a bet that’s dependent on more than one factor; so you have to pick two winning teams, or correctly guess who will end in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a horse race. The odds for these bets are ridiculous and nearly impossible, but if someone does win then they’re in for a big pay-out no matter how little they originally bet.

This is exactly what happened to a Maltese Waiter earlier this year. Least to say, the bookmakers weren’t a big fan of him after this.


The unnamed Maltese Villager, who I will now refer to as Isaac, bet a single Euro back in November of 2011 on 19 football matches in succession. This gave Isaac odds of 683,783/1, pretty much a pipe dream right? Well it didn’t turn out that way. Eighteen matches later everything had gone Isaac’s way and he was only one match away from winning his ridiculous bet, the only problem was Liverpool weren’t doing as well as Isaac had hoped and were drawing with Chelsea in the nineteenth match.

Glen Johnson doing his part for the Maltese waiter.

Glen Johnson must have heard about this miraculous bet, and decided to help a poor Maltese Villager by scoring a last minute goal for Liverpool, meaning that Isaac had beaten the odds. Isaac collected his winnings from William Hill, which was €683,784. In British Sterling that’s about £570,000! No one saw it coming; even the bookmakers Isaac had played with. This bet gave William Hill one of its least profitable months in nearly a decade; however I’m sure they’re graceful in defeat.

Read the full story from ‘The Independent‘.

It Could Have Happened To Anyone

So that’s the story of how a simple Maltese waiter went from rags to riches against all odds from one simple bet, Disney couldn’t have written it any better if they tried!

Like I said earlier, these bets don’t win often because of the unlikeliness of the outcome, but even the smallest of bets can make a huge difference. Imagine if Isaac had bet two Euro’s instead of just one? He’d be a millionaire! No one wants to miss out on being a millionaire. What would you have done with that kind of money?

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Betting | The Fine Line Between A Hobby And An Addiction

I can stop any time I like, I just don’t want to

We hear this all the time, from people who smoke a pack of twenty cigarettes a day to those who just can’t lay off the latte’s. Addictions can vary from the physical, like becoming alcohol dependent; to the psychological, where we start to believe we can’t function without a bottle of wine. Sometimes we can develop mental addictions to activities we enjoy, but what’s the difference between a healthy activity you participate in during your free time and a crippling addiction?

Gambling is something that everyone can suffer a mental addiction to, and a lot of the time you won’t see it coming until the problem has already hit you. But is there a middle ground between a hobby and an addiction, or can you only be one or the other?

Defining Grounds

Well for a start, a hobby is defined as ‘an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.’ – Oxford University Dictionary. Now a lot of you will be thinking “That sounds like me”, and you’re probably right.

Next, an addiction is labelled as ‘the state of being enslaved to a practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.’ – Oxford University Dictionary. Again, you’re probably thinking “That definitely isn’t me”, which we hope is the case.

Image Source

Hobby or Addiction?

There is some grey area in between these two, however it’s a very thin line that you have to careful with, otherwise you might cross it without even noticing. This grey area can be recognised as a habit, which is the middle ground between a hobby and an addiction. You can easily tell what stage you’re in by the way you bet.

If you’ve just heard about a bet that you feel confident about and then decide to place a small amount of money on it, you have a hobby.

If you’re checking the bookies every morning like clockwork to see what bets are available, you’ve got a habit.

If you’re constantly checking your phone and the internet for new bets and are constantly placing wagers on games you don’t even care about, you’ve got an addiction.

As you’ve probably guessed, a habit is only a step away from an addiction, which is not where you want to be. However there are a lot more people who would be considered to gamble as a past time than there are who would be seen to have a gambling problem. A lot of online bookmakers will also offer help to anyone who even thinks they might have a problem, so whilst nobody actually wants a gambling addiction, there is always help available to those who might need it.

I Take Advantage Of Casino’s Offers, Am I Addicted?

Put simply, probably not. But people might show concern for you.

The reason that this has become such a problem recently is that the definitions are changing because of In-play betting. Before you could tell if someone was addicted as they would go out their way to place wagers every day. However, because of In-play betting, you can easily place several bets in one day with little struggle. Dr Mark Griffiths, professor of Gambling Studies at Nottingham University, has said You cannot become addicted to something unless you are constantly being rewarded. If the reward only happens once or twice a week, it’s impossible to become addicted. In-play has changed that.

Because of In-play betting being so accessible and simple to use, it can make people who are merely able to enjoy their hobby anywhere and anytime look like they have an addiction. This is probably not the case though. If you’re just making sure that you don’t miss out on an offer that applies to you, then you’re making the most of your hobby. The signs to look out for are more extravagant than that.

Another thing to remember is something that Allen Moody from Sports Gambling Guide has said:

If your sports betting winnings or losses are going to change the quality of your lifestyle, you’re probably betting too much.

If you just stay sensible with your bets and wagers, then you’ll never have to fear becoming addicted to gambling. At the same time it’s still best to keep your wits about you, don’t hide your hobby, let people know about it; otherwise it looks like you’re trying to hide something from your friends and those close to you.

Play Safely And Sensibly

For most things in life the key is moderation, this includes gambling (along with drinking and smoking, which are things that you may enjoy whilst betting). No one’s going to deny you your favourite past time, as long as it remains a hobby. Always remember to spend time with your friends and others that are close to you, take regular breaks and set yourself a certain amount of time to play each day.

Always be aware of whether you’re playing for fun or because you feel like you should be, if you’re not playing for enjoyment anymore, you may need to quit betting for a while until you find the entertainment in it again. If you need any more convincing, read some of these gambling addiction stories and see the damage it can cause for yourself.

Apart from that, enjoy gambling as much as you want. As long as it remains fun for you then there’s no reason you to stop, just be aware of how much money you can spend and don’t alienate the people around you!



Image Source

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Paddy Power | Capturing The Moment With Their Mobile App

Cameras have always been used in multiple ways, to capture memories, recording your child’s first steps, making sure you remember the embarrassing moments of last night, and now… betting?

Apparently so. Thanks to Paddy Power you can now use your smart phone’s camera to place a bet on the match you’re watching.

This unique app makes finding the odds of a game and betting on it so much easier. If you’re nowhere near a TV, you can still place bets using the app through other means. The app sections matches by what time they’re on, what teams are playing in them or even what league the match is part of!

You’ll also be able to find an extensive list of promotions available from Paddy Power and which ones are applicable to the match you want to bet on, so you’ll never need to worry about missing out on extra cash you could’ve won.

Image Source

How Does This Work?

Using the bet TV feature, you can receive the latest odds and different in play bets on any game you’re watching. All you need to do is aim your phone’s camera at the match and the app will take you straight to the betting screen. From here you can choose from multiple bets, wagers as simple as who will win to more detailed bets like who will get the next yellow card!

You can also use this app as a match reminder. The app offers a feature which allows you to add fixtures into your phones calendar, meaning you’ll never miss any of those all-important matches again!

Sounds Great Right? Well…

Unfortunately, this is where the praise ends. While Paddy Power has come up with an amazing idea for an app, the whole experience feels rushed and incomplete. Certain features will sometimes not work for unknown reasons, and other parts are unintuitive in their design.

The main problem is that their new and innovative idea, the camera betting function, doesn’t work any where near as well as it should. More often than not it will confuse the game your watching with another, or claim you’re not even watching the TV. The app also has trouble understanding whether you’re logged in or not, and will automatically log you out when you try to place a bet.

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part the app works, but it definitely hasn’t been polished to a standard that we can expect from mobile betting apps nowadays.

Image Source

Falling Short Of Greatness

The idea is amazing; it’s revolutionary and could change how we bet on our phones forever. It’s just a shame that it hasn’t worked out in practise, but maybe with a little more time and effort put into the app we’ll have the evolution of mobile betting.

An anonymous reviewer from the app store has put it quite simply that “Placing a bet on Paddy Power’s app is like balancing a coin on a lemon, very difficult and somewhat pointless”… Ouch.

Despite its flaws as a betting app, it still works very well in keeping you up to date on matches that are already underway. The ability to record matches into your calendar as future reminders is also quite helpful, so at the very worst, you can still use this app for its other features.

If you want to download the Paddy Power Premiere League App, sign up with Paddy Power here to have non-stop access to all the important football matches!

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William Hill App: New App Makes Betting Simple On Your Mobile

We’ve all been in that sticky situation, you want to make last minute bets but you’re stuck at home, and you definitely don’t want to leave the room and miss the game. Well that’s where William Hill’s mobile app flies in wearing a metaphorical super hero cape.

You can bet on absolutely anything in your favourite sporting events from football to horse racing! You might have already read our William Hill Sports review, but what if you and technology aren’t the closest of friends? Well we’re here to help out. With this in-depth guide we’ll help you with everything you’ll ever need to know about the William Hill mobile app, so you won’t have to worry about the technical side letting you focus more on the game or race at hand.

All the images in this guide have either come from the iPhone app or the William Hill website, other smart phones like Androids might look slightly different however it will mostly remain the same.

I’m going to cover topics like “How to place a bet” and “Where to download this app”, but before any of that, I’ll go over the app itself.

Covering The Basics

No matter where you are in the app, you will always have access to five different areas:

  • Home – The very first thing you’ll see.
  • Sports – Where to go to see the bets you can make.
  • My Account – If you want to view what you’ve been doing.
  • Settings – Come here to change your app and account settings
  • Bet Slip – Where you place that all important wager.

This allows you quick and easy access to all the important functions without having to backtrack through several screens. The other benefit of the general user interface is that you can always see your balance, so whether you’re looking for a bet, placing a bet or even if you’re just curious about how much is in your account it’ll be clear to you at all times.

You will have access to all the sporting events that are available on William Hill online, so you’ll still be able to find everything William Hill offers available on their mobile app. You can also change any of your account information from your mobile app, so you don’t need to panic if you don’t have access to a computer.

Live Odds: What Are The Chances?

Anytime you place a bet you’ll want to know what the odds are of winning. William Hill has this covered by showing you the odds with the actual bet, so you’ll never have to search through various screens just to place one bet. Just to top all of this off, they also have the best odds for UK and Irish horse racing, not an offer you’ll want to miss!

All Or Nothing

Sometimes things might not go your way, in fact they might not go anyone’s way and you’ll end up with a draw. William Hill understands that this is disappointing, so if your match ends up in a 0-0 draw, William Hill will allow you to re-place your bet on another match! Ending up with a draw isn’t so bad now.

Anything Else I Should Know About?

What happens if you want to make some bets but there aren’t any sports you want to place a wager on at the time? Well, William Hill also has virtual games for you to enjoy. These games will simulate several sports which you can bet on, allowing you to win money off the horses when they aren’t even racing!

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The home tab is what you’ll need most; this is where you have access to all the important areas. It shows all the available sports and events that are in progress and also the most popular games at the time. It has other handy features which will let you know what games are coming on soon and also what is trending on the app, so you won’t miss a beat.

If that wasn’t enough, they have also included access to popular virtual casino games here like digital roulette, so if you fancy your luck as a high-rolling gambler you can have a go from here.

Play The Game

All of the sports you’ve enjoyed from the William Hill online bookmakers can be accessed in the sports tab. Here you’ll be able to choose your sport and go into the details of what kind of bet you want to make, regardless of what the sport is.

Tell Me More
Once you’ve decided what sport you want to place a wager on, you can go into further details about the bet. Choose your sport and you’ll go into further details about matches or a race, who’s playing and when the game is on! Here you can make basic bets like who you think will win, but for more detailed bets you can go even further into the app. Choose the game you want to place a bet on and you’ll be given several options, like if there will be a red card, you can even see who the favourites are for the horse races! You can also see different sections of bets by using a separate menu which will allow you to see either generic wagers or more in-depth bets!

In-Play Betting

You can literally bet on anything these days, I’ve seen people placing wagers on what hockey players will get into a fight first! William Hill has this covered as you can now place small wagers on, well, anything. When using the app, just go into the more in-depth sections of the game or race you’re betting on and you’ll find a multitude of options to choose from, here’s just a few examples:

  • Next footballer to get a yellow card.
  • Next tennis player to hit an ace.
  • What jockey will fall off their horse.
  • Next rugby player to be put in the sin bin.
  • Who will putt the next hole-in-one.

There are so many different ways of betting with this feature, and it all takes place while the game is in progress, so if you’ve got a good idea on who’s going to score next, or even who’s going to completely lose their temper and go for an early bath then make sure you place some money on it happening.

Murray regrets not betting on himself scoring an ace. Silly Murray. Image Source

Keep An Eye On The Match

Sometimes, you might not even be interested in betting on a match, but you still want to know how the game is going. Well if this is the case you can use the app to check up on the details on the game. You’ll be able to see how long the match has been on for, what the score is and any other details you might want to know. This means you can keep an eye on hundreds of matches and races no matter where you are!

Click To Enlarge

What Have You Been Up To Recently?

The tab labelled “My Account” does exactly what it says on the tin; it shows you what’s been going on in your account. This includes what previous bets you’ve made, what bets you’ve made that are awaiting an outcome, and how much you won (or will win) from a wager. This is brilliant for keeping track of how you’ve been doing and also to remind yourself of what bets you’ve made just in case you try to bet on the same match twice!

Setting Yourself Up

This is where you adjust your account details or make the app easier for you to use. There are quite a few features here, each were made to make your life easier whilst using William Hill’s mobile betting app. Have a play around with the setting until you find a layout which works well for you!

The Final Step

This is where all the action happens, and ironically, but innovatively, you’ll be spending the least amount of time here. This tab only consists of the betting slip where you place your money on your chosen bet.

You don’t have to remember codes or game names though, once you’ve chosen what you want to bet on from the sports menu you’ll be taken straight to the betting slip tab with all the information ready for you. All you’ll need to do is place how much money you want to bet and that’s it! And if that wasn’t enough then you can also see how much you’re expected to win from your bet, you can’t say William Hill doesn’t do you any favours!

I’ve Heard Enough, Where Do I Get This App?

Downloading the app is just as quick and simple as using the app itself. Just visit William Hill’s website and go to their “mobile” page, from here you can send the download link to your smart phone.

From here you just need to download the app and then add it to your home page, and that’s it! I hope this guide has helped you out with any questions you might have had about William Hill’s mobile betting app, if you do have any more questions, don’t be afraid to leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you with an answer!

Click here to sign up with William Hill and start using their mobile betting app!

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Welcome To The Live Betting Blog

Do you want to be infamous at your local bookmakers? Where all the customers want to be you and the employers want you to leave before you take their money? You’ve come to the right neighbourhood then. We’ve got event information and will be doing round-ups on all sporting events, so you can concentrate more on winning. Keep in touch if you want to be the envy of everyone in the betting shop!

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