Pick Of The Week: Man U Vs. Aston Villa

The Premier League might officially end on the 19th of May, but there’s every possibility that we might see the winner tonight! At 8:00pm tonight (Monday the 22nd of April), Manchester United will go head to head against Aston Villa, and people are speculating that the match is likely to be one-sided.

Manchester United are currently sitting at the top of the leader board with a very comfortable 81 points, which is 13 points ahead of their closest competitors Manchester City. On the other hand, Aston Villa are dwindling near the very bottom of the league, and for the time being are only just holding off relegation.


The End Of The Road?

If that wasn’t enough for the Red Devils, then they’ll also be happy to know that they have a chance of beating the record for most points scored in a premier league. The previous owners of this record, Chelsea, scored 95 points in total back in 2005. Manchester United have 5 games left, and if they win them all they will finish the league with 96 points; a new record.

At the moment, Aston Villa are only 3 points ahead of Wigan who are just behind them in the league table and also looking to get out of the relegation zone. Aston Villa could really do with a win tonight, but it’s likely that Manchester United will be walking away with the trophy just under a month early.

Naturally, we’re going to place a few cheeky wagers on this match in the hope of seeing something come from it; here’s what we’ll be betting. All of our bets have been placed through William Hill, so if you’re inspired by our choices then sign up with them here.

  • We reckon Man U will win 3-0 so we’re putting £10 on that, with any luck we’ll get paid out £80.
  • Wayne Rooney’s always a good choice, so we’re putting down £20 that he’ll score the first goal for Man U. We’re looking at a return of £90 for this one.
  • My boss thinks Aston Villa might surprise everyone, so I’m betting a steak dinner that he’s wrong (I hope he’s wrong, I haven’t had steak in ages).

The Red Devils And The Villa

Naturally, we wish both teams the best of luck (although we’re trying to wish more luck towards Man U, nothing personal). Who knows, we might see the Premier League winners tonight, or we could see a shock turn of events; either way, it’ll probably be a good match that you don’t want to miss out on.

Comment below and let us know what bets you’ve made!

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Bet on the Grand National With BetVictor

Sign up with BetVictor to place your Grand National bets now!


They’re paying out 6 places on the Grand National Steeplechase at Aintree – if you’re a new user, you can also claim a £25 free bet as a welcome bonus!

What Do You Need To Know?

Saddle Up!

This Saturday millions of people will be tuning in to watch John Smith’s Grand National at Aintree. Both in the UK and abroad, the Grand National is world famous and for many it will be the only bet they’ll place this year.

The build-up to the Grand National is huge as people everywhere wait for the 40 runners to be announced. The odds on the horses running this year are:

On His Own – 7/1 Cappa Bleu – 10/1
Seabass – 10/1 Colbert Station – 10/1
Chicago Grey – 11/1 Imperial Commander – 14/1
Sunnyhillboy – 14/1 Teaforthree – 14/1
Ballabriggs – 16/1 Balthazar King – 16/1
Join Together – 18/1 Rare Bob – 20/1
Big Fella Thanks – 28/1 Across The Bay – 33/1
Always Waining – 33/1 Roberto Goldback – 33/1
Soll – 33/1 Treacle – 33/1
Joncol – 40/1 Quel Esprit – 40/1
Quiscover Fontaine – 40/1 Harry The Viking – 50/1
Saint Are – 50/1 Weird Al – 50/1
What A Friend – 50/1 Becauseicouldntsee – 66/1
Forpadydeplasterer – 66/1 Lost Glory – 66/1
Ninetieth Minute – 66/1 Oscar Time – 66/1
Swing Bill – 66/1 Tatenen – 66/1
The Rainbow Hunter – 66/1 Any Currency – 80/1
Auroras Encore – 80/1 Major Malarkey – 80/1
Mr Moonshine – 80/1 Tarquinius – 100/1
Viking Blond – 100/1 Mumbles Head – 150/1
Mortimers Cross (RESERVE) – 250/1 Pentiffic (RESERVE) – 250/1

Who Is Everyone Talking About?

Ruby Walsh wants his third Grand National title in the race on Saturday (rumoured to ride On His Own).

His sister, Katie Walsh, feels that she could be on the verge of making history this year. She hopes to take first place, both for Seabass (who came 3rd last year) and as the first female winner of the Grand National.

Also rumoured to be in with a chance of winning is Cappa Bleu, ridden by Paul Moloney.

Enjoy The Race!

Whoever passes the post first this year, it’s sure to be just as exciting as the 2012 race in which Neptune Collonges literally won by a nose.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at Aintree on Saturday or you’re planning to watch at home with family and friends, it’ll feel so much more exciting cheering on a horse to win. Place your bets, have a great day and good luck!

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Insanity Bets: Bet On Alien Existence With Paddy Power

People have been watching the skies for years, waiting for a sign of something unexplained heading our way.

The insanity bet this week focuses on bets on alien existence. When will they make contact? Who will they go to?

If you’ve been near a TV in the last few years, you will have noticed Dr Who back on the screen, and with it an array of fictional alien species. It doesn’t matter what form aliens take; many people are convinced that they do exist and that we just don’t know about it yet. Could we soon be seeing broadcasts like this on our news shows?

Do You Think They Exist?

Paddy Power are taking bets on two alien related events: When will alien life be proven and which country will have first contact? Sign up with Paddy Power today and place a novelty bet!

Which Country Will Have First Contact?

USA 7/2
Russia 7/2
China 4/1
Canada 10/1
Sweden 16/1
Finland 16/1
England 20/1
France 20/1
Brazil 20/1
Germany 20/1
Australia 20/1
Ireland 20/1
Spain 33/1
North Korea 66/1
Scotland 80/1
Wales 100/1
South Africa 100/1

Or, When Will Alien Life Be Proven?

2013 33/1
2014 100/1
2018 100/1
2017 100/1
2015 100/1
2016 100/1

Have They Already Been Here?

Speculation over cover ups suggests that aliens might have already been in contact.

Bookmakers were forced to reduce the odds they were offering on alien existence when Winston Churchill feared that the existence of aliens might have induced a public panic attack.

Eisenhower is also reported to have conducted meetings with aliens in secret.

It’s time to make up your mind. When do you think contact will be established? Who will be the first to know? Step out of your comfort zone and place a novelty bet with Paddy Power.

You know, if or when alien existence is confirmed it’ll be trending on Twitter. Follow us here – we could be the first to let you know!

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Place Bets With Paddy Power For 2014 FIFA World Cup

Sign up with Paddy Power to place bets such as these and many more!

We are almost a mere year away from the 2014 Fifa World Cup which will be held in Brazil. We’ve been looking at the odds and trying to decide where our money’s going, so we thought maybe you’d want to do the same.

Like us on Facebook and tell us who you think will win the 2014 World Cup!

The group betting odds look like this:

Group A Winner

Team Odds
Belgium 5/6
Croatia 6/5
Serbia 15/2
Macedonia 150/1
Scotland 200/1
Wales 200/1

Group B Winner

Team Odds
Italy 1/6
Czech Republic 11/2
Denmark 12/1
Bulgaria 16/1
Armenia 500/1
Malta 5,000/1

Group C Winner

Team Odds
Germany 1/7
Sweden 9/2
Ireland 16/1
Austria 80/1
Faroe Islands 5,000/1
Kazakhstan 5,000/1

Group D Winner

Team Odds
Holland 1/14
Romania 10/1
Hungary 14/1
Turkey 33/1
Estonia 5,000/1
Andorra 5,000/1

Group E Winner

Team Odds
Switzerland 8/11
Norway 11/8
Slovenia 12/1
Iceland 25/1
Albania 66/1
Cyprus 175/1

Group G Winner

Team Odds
Greece 5/4
Bosnia 13/10
Slovakia 7/2
Lithuania 80/1
Latvia 80/1
Liechtenstein 3,000/1

Group H Winner

England 1/3
Montenegro 6/1
Poland 13/2
Ukraine 8/1
Moldova 1,000/1
San Marino 5,000/1

Group I Winner

Spain 2/5
France 7/4
Finland 500/1
Belarus 500/1
Georgia 500/1

You can also look at who will qualify and who won’t qualify, or you can place bets on who you think will be the champions. If you want to see more of what Paddy power has to offer then head to their website now to take a look around!

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Paddy Power Places Bets On Taylor Swift’s Next Boyfriend

Now, we’re not usually into following the ebbs and flows of the celebrity world, but it’s nice to place a bet out of the ordinary every once in a while. Paddy Power have provided us with just the excuse – they are taking bets on who will be Taylor Swift’s next boyfriend.

Taylor Swift, 23 and a country-pop singer from Pennsylvania, is well-known for her openly public romantic relationships with fellow celebrities. She has created a massive following through her from-the-heart albums which are all written from her own experiences with love and break ups.

She maintains that the country part of her self-proclaimed stereotype comes from her willingness to write songs about what she knows and her experiences with life, and that her music wouldn’t have done so well if other people weren’t going through these same things. We know, Taylor. It’s difficult for us too.

Here are the candidates and the odds:

Ed Sheeran 7/4
Shia Labeouf 16/1
Wesley Schultz 16/1
Nicholas Hoult 16/1
Robert Pattinson 20/1
Jake Bugg 20/1
Michael Cera 20/1
Daniel Radcliffe 20/1
Justin Bieber 25/1
Eddie Redmayne 25/1
Drake 25/1
Zac Efron 25/1
Ben Howard 25/1
Aston Merrygold 33/1
Tom Hiddlestone 33/1
Prince Harry 40/1
Olly Murs 40/1
James Arthur 40/1
Calvin Harris 40/1
Frankie Muniz 66/1

At the top of the favourites is Ed Sheeran, who is currently on tour with Taylor throughout the US. Ed, a singer songwriter from England, is just the latest to be connected to Taylor following her (very) public separation from One Direction’s Harry Styles.

It’s not unusual for people to be fascinated by the romantic lives of celebrities, especially musicians, since the excitement of two new minds forming something unique is on par with a good excuse for more publicity. If you like, it’s a way of looking at other people’s problems and thinking that you don’t have it so bad after all (kind of like The Jeremy Kyle show).

We Are Never, Ever, Ever, Getting Caught Together

We’ve seen public retaliation before from many in the music business, but Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran could tear the world apart with their relatable break up songs if things turned sour between them. It’d be too close to the heart; I’m not sure anyone could handle it. At least music has moved on significantly in the last few years. We don’t want another Eamon and Frankee type musical response.

If you’re interested in novelty bets, why not sign up with Paddy Power and have a look at what they’ve got on offer! They include all sorts of categories, from the gender of the Duchess’s baby to which country will be the first to get in contact with aliens. We all like something out of the ordinary every once in a while.

If you’re unfamiliar with Taylor’s music then here’s a clip from one of her recent hits:

Okay, so the goat wasn’t in the original version, but it’s just so catchy…

We like tweeting as much as Taylor does. Follow us on Twitter!

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Place Some St. Patrick’s Day Bets With Paddy Power!

While you’re getting ready to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, we’ve found a few bets related to the wonderful world of the Irish to keep you entertained.

Can You Harness The Luck Of The Irish?

Of course you can – even St. Patrick wasn’t actually Irish. Apparently he came from Roman Britain; which is as good a reason as any to get out those bright green clothes you only wear once a year. You definitely don’t need to be Irish or know anyone who is Irish to join in with the festivities.

Ever since he died on the 17th March 461 and the people of Ireland started recognising that date as a public holiday, in Ireland and all over the world, people have celebrated St Patrick’s day by brandishing shamrocks, wearing green, holding parades and raising a pint or two in celebration.

Irish Relatives… Or Irish Related Bets?

Paddy Power always has a great range of bets on offer. Here are our favourites; related to the Irish, of course.

The year of the next election:

2016 or later 7/4
2015 7/4
2014 4/1
2013 4/1

The Taoiseach after the next election:

Enda Kenny 11/10 Leo Varadkar 25/1 Eamon Gilmore 33/1
Michael Martin 6/5 Richard Bruton 25/1 Pearse Doherty 40/1
Simon Coveney 25/1 Michael Noonan 33/1 Brian Hayes 50/1
Mary Lou McDonald 25/1 Michael McGrath 33/1 James Reilly 50/1
Gerry Adams 25/1 Dara Calleary 33/1 Eamon Ryan 500/1

When will Obama next visit Ireland as the President:

2013 2/9
2014 3/1
2015 4/1
2016 7/1

If you want to take advantage of these great odds, sign up with Paddy Power and keep a four leaf clover handy for when the elections come around.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day 2013 and place some bets! When you’re hungover on Monday morning, at least you can be looking forward to some wins…

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Last Minute Bets At Cheltenham – Paddy Power Brings You The Best Odds

Fun Fact: Top model Emma Glover goes to Cheltenham horse races every year to have a cheeky bet.

Now that I’ve got your attention, the annual Cheltenham Festival is now open, and you can make loads of money if you place the right bets at the right time. We don’t want to keep you here for long since there’s a lot of wagering you can be doing, so here are the bare bones of it all.

Sign up with Paddy Power for the full Cheltenham experience!


The Fastest Burgers You’ll Ever See

Paddy Power is covering the whole event from start to finish, including live bets and live updates. If you want to know every little detail about the races to come, then make an account with them now and you’ll be ready for the next few days of races.

Like us on Facebook and tell us if you win big!

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William Hill Is Betting On A White Easter

Guess what? It’s now March and it’s still bloody snowing outside! I like snow as much as the next person, but there’s a time and a place for everything. March should be the time of year where I consider not having to wear my coat because it’s deceptively sunny outside, I shouldn’t have to think about whether I’ll need my umbrella or not. Lousy Smarch weather.

Well it’s not all that bad, because now online bookies have had to cut the odds on a lot of their weather specials. It’s looking rather likely that there will be snow over Easter, so now is your chance to make a little bit of money off of this unpredictable weather.

Think you’ve got it bad? What about these poor sheep?

It’s Not Summer Just Yet

Wrap up warm and head on over to William Hill today and you’ll be able to get some pretty good odds on what the weather could cause. Here’s a list of what you can bet on, as well as the odds for each bet!

Tell us what you think about the weather below!

Lowest Temperature in England to be beaten by April 30th 2013 8/1
Lowest Temperature in Wales to be beaten by April 30th 2013 8/1
Lowest Temperature in Scotland to be beaten by April 30th 2013 8/1
Snow to fall on Buckingham Palace on Easter Day 12/1
Parliament closed by Health & Safety because of Snow & Ice before Apr 30th 2013 20/1
Big Ben to fail to chime for weather reasons before April 30th 2013 50/1
Thames to freeze solid from Tower Bridge to London Bridge before Apr 30th 2013 50/1
Snow to fall during the Cheltenham Gold Cup 2013 66/1

Of course, you won’t be able to place any of these bets if you don’t sign up with William Hill. Make sure you’ve got an account before Easter; otherwise these bets will be null and void. Make the most of this dire weather and hopefully you’ll win enough to book a flight to a warmer part of the planet.

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Paddy Power Brings You Social Betting With BetDash

Have you ever wanted to bet with your friends? I’m not talking about you having all of your mates round so you just sit on your phones making your own bets; I mean an actual social network focused on betting. Sounds good right?

Well that’s exactly what Paddy Power is now offering you with their new feature, BetDash! Using BetDash, you can keep in touch with your friends, place a few bets and see what everyone else is betting on. There’s also a gaming element to this feature which can win you large amounts of money just for being good at betting!

Read our Paddy Power review here!

Wager With Your Friends

The premise of BetDash started out as just a way for you to get your money to go that much further. You can opt in with any amount you like, and no one else needs to know how much you’re betting. No matter how much you opt in with, you’ll be given a virtual £100,000, which you can use to bet on anything you like.

The challenge is to get as much money as possible within 10 days, up to a maximum of £1,000,000. When you hit the million, you’ll instantly receive 25x your original bet!

BetDash includes a lot more than just a new game though. You can add your friends to your network to see how they’re doing, how much they’re winning, what they’re betting on. If you like the look of something one of your mates has bet on, then you can copy the bet in one click!

There are also leader boards, so you can see who’s at the top of the league, and who’s not doing too well. Other features include trending bets, which shows what’s popular at the time, and a bet feed, which updates to show every new bet any player makes.

This is more than just a social network though; you’ll always receive amazing bonuses, awards and multipliers just by being a smart player. You can challenge other player’s bets if you don’t think they’re right, and possibly earn some bankroll from it. Boosters will be unlocked to players throughout the 10 day period, allowing them to place free bets, and you’ll receive awards every time you hit a milestone or an accomplishment.

Must Dash, Got To Bet

If you’re down the bookies every day, or even if you just like the occasional wager, BetDash is a brilliant social network for you to get into. To use it, all you need to do is sign up with Paddy Power and head to their BetDash page. They’ll explain in detail everything you can receive and soon enough you’ll be the master of bets!

Like us on Facebook to see who else is using BetDash!

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Paddy Power’s Pooch Parade – Crufts Betting 2013

It’s that time of year again, where thousands of pampered pooches and their owners gather in Birmingham NEC for Crufts. This year Paddy Power is asking you to place your bets on which category of canine will take home the highly sought-after Best in Show trophy for 2013.

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Last year Elizabeth, a Lhasa Apso, took the prize for Best in Show. Margaret Anderson’s shocked and stunned response speaks volumes for just how much it means to be the winner of such a prestigious dog competition.

This year, over 22,000 dogs will take to the stage with roles reversed as the owners remain faithfully at their pets’ side. There have been some rumours that the Top Dog this year is likely to be in the Terrier category – but we’ll leave you to make your own decisions. The odds are as follows:

Gundog 2/1
Terrier 2/1
Utility 4/1
Hound 11/2
Toy 8/1
Working 10/1
Pastoral 10/1

Crufts isn’t all about the competition – although we are – as there are still many other events that attract audiences from all over the world. Held over 4 days (7-10th March) the centre will be overrun with doggy treats, displays, stalls and new events just for 2013!

Sign up with Paddy Power, follow the Crufts progress online and get betting! You’d have to be barking mad to miss out on this one!

Did you know you can find us on Twitter and Facebook? Come say hello!

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