Hodds On To Be The Next England U21 Manager? No, Southgate Is.

ITV pundit Gareth Southgate is the 4/11 favourite to become the next England U21 manager , ahead of former Rovers boss Michael Appleton at 7/2 (stats according to Paddy Power).

England’s Euro 96 villain has been out of management since he was sacked from Middlesbrough in 2009. Southgate got his impregnable beak in FA soil during his 18 month stint as head of elite development. Meanwhile Appleton, dubbed the Mary Queen of Scots of management for his 67 day spell at Blackburn this year, is looking to resurrect his fledgling career.

Glen Hoddle’s urbane critique of the U21 set-up in the aftermath of the team’s group stage failure sees him installed as third favourite.

It would mark a real turnaround for Hoddle after his acrimonious dismissal from the senior England job back in 1999. Despite a spirited World Cup 1998 campaign, Hoddle’s pseudo-spiritual hooey made his position untenable. In an interview with Matt Dickinson from the Times, Hoddle suggested that disabled people were being punished for their sins in a previous life.

Freshly retired midfield stalwart Phil Neville represents good value for the role at 16/1, whereas Fergie’s former yes man and steady-eddie Mike Phelan is a respectable long-shot at 50/1.

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Joe Kinnear Uncut: The REAL Talksport Interview

Pug-faced dinosaur Joe Kinnear is back at Newcastle with none of the belligerent bark that characterised his first spell on Tyneside.

JFK (the acronym awarded to Joe for his incessant use of the F-bomb) gained notoriety in 2008 for calling journalist Simon Bird a “c*nt”.

Over the weekend, Kinnear joined BBC’s Talksport to clear the air. Football fans were expecting an onslaught of verbal diarrhoea but were pleasantly surprised by Kinnear‘s sprawling vocabulary and pitch perfect pronunciation.

New Role Will Be A Balancing Act

It was an interview delivered with all the eloquence of a Shakespearean soliloquy. It therefore came as no shock when Kinnear revealed his future plans:

“At Wimbledon, we were all warriors. On top of educating Pards on the beauty of the English language [a nod to the Newcastle manager’s ‘rape’ gaffe on Match of the Day], I’ll be channelling the warrior in me to play one of literature’s most noble characters – Macbeth. Toon by day, London’s West End by night. ”

Geordie fans have described it as an archaic appointment, given that Kinnear’s last sustained involvement in top-tier management came to an end “last century” when he left Wimbledon.

When grilled on supporter contempt, Kinnear retorted: “Alas, a series of ad-hominem arguments from the unintelligent Newcastle diaspora. It’s a good job native Geordies know the real story. I’ve been anchored in the ITV ‘Tactics Truck’ for much of the last 13 years providing ammunition for Wheaty (David Pleat) Beggers (Jim Beglin) and TOWIE (Andy Townsend).”

In a momentary throwback to his guttermouth years, Kinnear launched a thinly-veiled jibe at fellow footballing “geezer” Harry Redknapp: “It seems hanging your head out of a car window earns you kudos for transfer dealings these days. Let me tell you this: the only thing I was hanging out of after buying Efan Ekoku from Norwich in 1994 was Delia Smith’s arse.”

Transfer Ninja Kinnear To Leverage PRISM

Kinnear, who will assume the role vacated by Dennis Wise four years ago, was quick to rationalise his appointment:

“You probably heard about Robbie Earle flogging his complimentary tickets on the sly at ITV. Where do you think he learnt that? At Wimbledon. That’s the kind of guile I bring to transfers. I can spot a good bit of business”

“I’m an early adopter. Arsène [Wenger] of all people warned me about the perils of PRISM – they can see every young player you search for on the web. I’ve used the whole system to my benefit. I’ve logged every single player people search for.”

Has Kinnear Made Newcastle Odds On For The Drop?

Kinnear’s appointment has underlined a host of new betting markets. 14-1 for Newcastle to be relegated on Paddypower represents good value if you dig the despair of Toon fans at JFK’s appointment.

Meanwhile Pardew, who according to the Geordie rumour mill loves a punt himself, is now 7/4 on William Hill to be next manager to leave the Premiership.

When questioned on the odds of forging a successful relationship with Pardew, Kinnear quipped: “Look, I kept [ex-Wimbledon goalkeeper] Neil Sullivan happy for the best part of eight years whilst Hans Segers was number one. I’ve got a big mouth.”

Editor note: The quotes in this article are somewhat fabricated. For the real – and equally hilarious transcript – visit here.

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Insanity Bets: A Father’s Faith Pays Off

I don’t have any kids, but if the day ever comes when there’s a little junior me running around then I’m sure I’ll be proud in whatever he/she does, whether that’s being an amazing striker, playing the tuba or being able to belch Shakespearean sonnets (I’m personally hoping it’s the last one).

Well there’s one proud daddy out there who had the good sense to not just believe in his son, but to also put his money where his mouth is.

A Little Faith Goes A Long Way

Only 10 years ago, Mick Tunnicliffe saw great potential in his son as a football player. The son had already been in several youth leagues, and was proving to have a real talent for football. It only makes sense to put a £100 bet on your son one day playing for Manchester United. It was only 100/1 odds… No big deal.

Well, on the 26th of September 2012, Mick Tunnicliffe saw his pride well placed and won £10,000 when his son, Ryan Tunnicliffe, first stepped onto the pitch against Newcastle United as an official member of the adult team. Not only was Ryan’s father swelling with pride, his wallet would have been swelling a bit too.

Ryan Tunnicliffe

Talent Is A Terrible thing To Waste

If you’ve got children, you’re undoubtedly proud of them regardless of what they do in life. But just remember that if they start picking up a talent in anything, you can probably place a bet or two on it. Just put some faith in your children and you won’t regret it later on!

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Doctor Who? Bets On The Next Doctor

If you’re a complete sci-fi nerd like some of us, myself included, then you’ll be biting your nails until the Christmas special of Doctor Who when we finally find out who will be playing the next regeneration of the last Time Lord of Gallifrey. At the moment there is some interesting speculation about who could play The Doctor, who the fans want as The Doctor, and could the new regeneration even be female? Before you ask, yes, they can regenerate between genders. Science!

A Ginger Doctor?

At the moment, there are over 40 different actors and actresses suspected to be playing the Doctor. I would list them out, but you could just head on over to Paddy Power and see them for yourself. Instead, here are some of my own favourites:

Rupert Grint

We’ve all seen Harry Potter, so don’t act like you don’t know who Ron Weasley is. The past two regenerations have complained about not being ginger, so could it finally be time for a Doctor with red hair?

Benedict Cumberbatch

You’ll recognise him from either the Sherlock TV series or from the recent movie ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’. Either way, you can rest assured he would make a very interesting Doctor, plus his last name is fun to pronounce.

Fun Fact: Benedict Cumberbatch’s fan base is known as ‘Cumberbitches’.

Tom Hiddleston

If you don’t think that Loki from ‘Thor’ and ‘Avengers Assemble’ would make an amazing Doctor then you need to re-think your life.

live-betting-next-doctorFrom left to right: Benedict Cumberbatch, Rupert Grint, Tom Hiddleston.

YOLOATRTT (You Only Live Once And Then Regenerate Twelve Times)

If you think you can work out who will be playing the next regeneration of The Doctor, then why not put down a bet with Paddy Power? There’s plenty of time until the Christmas episode is released, so you can think about it for a while whilst re-watching the last series that just finished.


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Get In Early With Some Royal Ascot Bets

As you may know, the Royal Ascot is in two weeks’ time on the 18th of June. Some websites are letting you bet early so you don’t have to rush yourself on the day. You’ve got horses such as Shea Shea, Sole Power, Farhh and Trade Storm appearing on The King’s Stand Stakes and The Queen Anne Stakes.

If you bet with William Hill, you can get some great odds on a lot of the horses, as well as hints and tips from some of the other keen punters! Here are the horses lined up to race on The King’s Stand Stakes and the Queen Anne Stakes:

King’s Stand Stakes

Horse Odds
Shea Shea 11/4
Reckless Abandon 8/1
Sole Power 10/1
Swiss Spirit 10/1
Rosdhu Queen 12/1
Shamexpress 12/1
Spirit Quartz 12/1
Kingsgate Native 14/1
Maarek 14/1
Mince 14/1
Cristoforo Colombo 16/1
Pearl Secret 16/1
Slade Power 16/1
Soul 16/1
George Vancouver 20/1
Gale Force Ten 25/1
Heeraat 25/1
Bungle InTheJungle 33/1
Jack Dexter 33/1
Medicean Man 33/1
Nocturnal Affair 33/1
Pedro The Great 33/1
Prohibit 33/1
Fire Eyes 40/1
Move In Time 40/1
Parliament Square 40/1
Ballesteros 50/1
Caledonia Lady 50/1
Doc Hay 50/1
Pearl Acclaim 50/1
York Glory 50/1
Angels Will Fall 66/1
Elusivity 66/1
Hoyam 66/1
Stepper Point 66/1
All Ablaze 100/1
Taajub 100/1

Queen Anne Stakes

Horse Odds
Animal Kingdom 6/4
Farhh 3/1
Declaration Of War 10/1
Trade Storm 12/1
Cityscape 14/1
Elusive Kate 14/1 14/1
Most Improved 14/1
Aljamaaheer 16/1
Beauty Parlour 16/1
Giofra 16/1
Sovereign Debt 16/1
Gregorian 33/1
Side Glance 33/1
Trumpet Major 33/1
Indomito 40/1
Gabrial 50/1
Chil The Kite 66/1
Penitent 66/1
Foxtrot Romeo 100/1
Libranno 100/1
Miblish 100/1
Monsieur Chevalier 100/1
Reply 100/1
Stand My Ground 100/1
Windsor Palace 200/1

If you like the look of any of the bets you see here, head on over to William Hill and see what all the fuss is about. Alternatively, you could also sign up with BetFair or Paddy Power as they’re also offering some great odds on the Royal Ascot.

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Pick Of The Week: Bet With Paddy Power – England VS Brazil

With the friendly match at the renovated Maracana stadium drawing ever closer, our Pick of the Week is this Sunday’s match between Brazil and England. The match is going ahead despite worries that the stadium was unsafe. It’s the first time England have been back to Brazil since June 1984, where they won 2-0.

Place your bets with Paddy Power today!

Markets Offered

We’ve got our eye on both the correct score markets and the win markets. Paddy Power offers a great selection of bets to choose from, but here are the most interesting markets available.

Here are the odds for the team to win:


Brazil 4/7 Draw 11/4 England 9/2

Draw No Bet

Brazil 1/5 England 3/1

These are the odds for the correct score at the end of Brazil vs England on Sunday 2nd June:

Correct Score

Brazil 1-0 - 6/1 Draw 0-0 - 11/1 England 1-0 - 14/1
Brazil 2-0 - 7/1 Draw 1-1 - 6/1 England 2-0 - 30/1
Brazil 2-1 - 13/2 Draw 2-2 - 12/1 England 2-1 - 14/1
Brazil 3-0 - 11/1 Draw 3-3 - 50/1 England 3-0 - 90/1
Brazil 3-1 - 11/1 Draw 4-4 - 300/1 England 3-1 - 45/1
Brazil 3-2 - 19/1 England 3-2 - 40/1
Brazil 4-0 - 22/1 England 4-0 - 375/1
Brazil 4-1 - 22/1 England 4-1 - 175/1
Brazil 4-2 - 40/1 England 4-2 - 150/1
Brazil 4-3 - 90/1 England 4-3 - 200/1
Brazil 5-0 - 60/1 England 5-0 - 500/1
Brazil 5-1 - 55/1 England 5-1 - 500/1
Brazil 5-2 - 100/1 England 5-2 - 500/1
Brazil 5-3 - 225/1 England 5-3 - 500/1
Brazil 5-4 - 500/1 England 5-4 - 500/1
Brazil 6-0 - 175/1 England 6-0 - 500/1
Brazil 6-1 - 150/1 England 6-1 - 500/1
Brazil 7-0 - 500/1 England 7-0 - 500/1
Brazil 7-1 - 475/1 England 7-1 - 500/1
Brazil 8-0 - 500/1 England 8-0 - 500/1
Brazil 8-1 - 500/1 England 8-1 - 500/1
Brazil 9-0 - 500/1 England 9-0 - 500/1
Brazil 10-0 - 500/1 England 10-0 - 500/1

Keeping It Friendly

The last time England were in Brazil it was Alex Oxlade’s father on the pitch. Now that the 19 year old has the chance of playing the same ground his father played years before all that’s left to ask is how will England do this Sunday? Where will your money be going?

Enjoy your weekend! We know we will.

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Believe In Bonnie And Place Your Eurovision 2013 Bets With William Hill

Tomorrow night parties will be held all around Europe as the event of the year gets underway… William Hill have the odds up for who will win Eurovision 2013.

Okay, maybe not the event of the year. It’s still going to be great though. Gather your friends and place your bets here with William Hill and get learning the words to Bonnie Tyler’s masterpiece in time for a sing-a-long. You have a little over 24 hours.

Believe In Me… Please?

This year Eurovision is in Malmö, Sweden. Loreen won last year with

Who do you think will win this year? Join in the conversation on Facebook.

The odds look like this:

Denmark 4/6 Norway 5/1 Ukraine 9/1 Azerbaijan 12/1
Russia 12/1 Finland 25/1 Germany 25/1 Greece 25/1
Holland 25/1 Italy 25/1 Georgia 33/1 Ireland 40/1
Sweden 50/1 United Kingdom 50/1 Malta 66/1 Belarus 100/1
Moldova 100/1 Romania 100/1 Belgium 125/1 Iceland 125/1
Estonia 150/1 Hungary 150/1 Armenia 200/1 France 200/1
Lithuania 200/1 Spain 200/1

You Win Some, You Lose Some

If betting on people to win is not your style, William Hill are also taking bets on who will come last. Odds on the country to finish in last place are as follows:

Spain 3/1 Lithuania 5/1
Hungary 7/1 Armenia 8/1
United Kingdom 8/1 France 10/1
Belarus 12/1 Belgium 12/1
Iceland 14/1 Malta 14/1
Estonia 16/1 Romania 20/1
Finland 25/1 Sweden 25/1
Ireland 33/1 Germany 50/1
Moldova 50/1 Georgia 66/1
Holland 66/1 Italy 66/1
Greece 100/1 Azerbaijan 200/1
Norway 200/1 Russia 200/1
Ukraine 200/1 Denmark 500/1

We’ll Stand Beside You, Bonnie

Here is Bonnie Tyler’s entry for 2013, for those of you who aren’t already familiar with it.

I am completely unashamed to say that I know all of the words to this and will be singing along tomorrow night. I’ve placed my bet with William Hill, have you?

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William Hill Want You To Guess Where Rooney Will Be In September

William Hill are taking bets on which club Wayne Rooney will be with come September 2013.

You can place your bet with William Hill by clicking here.

Rooney has put in a transfer request to leave Manchester United, although this is not the first time he has asked to leave the club.

This time around, even though the retiring Ferguson has said that they will not let Rooney go, it will be one of the first things that David Moyes tackles when he takes over in July.

William Hill Present The Odds

Man Utd 2/1
Bayern Munich 11/4
Paris Saint-Germain 3/1
Chelsea 4/1
Man City 20/1
Monaco 20/1
Real Madrid 20/1
AC Milan 33/1
Arsenal 33/1
Barcelona 33/1
Juventus 33/1
Inter Milan 40/1
Liverpool 80/1
Anzhi 100/1
Everton 100/1
Tottenham 100/1

Get Back In The Game

After Rooney missed the recent match against Swansea, he was still out celebrating with the team after their victory. Ferguson has remarked that Rooney just needs some time off to get his head back in the game and concentrate on being a Manchester United player again.

Will Rooney really fly the Old Trafford nest this time around?

Sign up with William Hill today to place a bet on which club Rooney will be at in September later this year.

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Paddy Power Taking Bets As Premier League End Is In Sight

As we mentioned in the last Pick Of The Week post, the Premier League is coming to a close. It’s about time we wrapped everything up and started looking forward to the next season. But before we do that, why not place some last minute bets on the few remaining matches?

Who Is Your Money On?

We want to know where you’re placing your bets – you can place your bets with Paddy Power. The tables up till May 14th look like this:

May 11th
Aston Villa V Chelsea
Aston Villa 10/3

Chelsea 17/20

May 12th
Stoke V Tottenham Everton V West Ham Fullham V Liverpool Norwich V West Brom QPR V Newcastle Sunderland V Southampton Man Utd V Swansea
Stoke 3/1

Tottenham 10/11

Everton 8/15

West Ham 11/2

Fullham 5/2

Liverpool 11/10

Norwich 6/5

West Brom 23/10

QPR 21/10

Newcastle 13/10

Sunderland 6/4

Southampton 19/10

Man Utd 3/10

Swansea 9/1

May 14th
Arsenal V Wigan Athletic Reading V Man City
Arsenal 1/3

Wigan Athletic 8/1

Reading 7/1

Man City 2/5

What do you think? With Manchester United a full 10 points ahead there’s not much doubt about how it’s going to end – but what will be the outcome of the final few matches?

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Funny Football Captions

Well, I’m sure you know that last night Manchester United won their 20th Premier League by beating Aston Villa 3-0. I also made £80, so it wasn’t a bad night all round. Now the seasons pretty much over, and all that’s left is to find out who might be relegated or not.

Don’t be too down about it though, we’ll have more football soon enough. Until then, enjoy these captions on some of the strangest pictures taken during a football match.






And finally, the strangest warm-up we’ve ever seen.


I’m pretty sure that’s not how you’re meant to do it.

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