Cheeky Feckers! Paddy Power Launch Facebook App!

September 4, 2013 - Posted by Alice Jenkinson

It’s here sports fans! Those mischievous little scamps at Paddy Power have launched their brand, spanking new Facebook app. Paddy Power In-Play! is the first EVER real money sports betting app to hit Facebook and we have to say, it’s a pretty cool service.

Paddy Power Reveal

The app allows users to share tips, view leader boards and follow betting experts. In Paddy Power’s own words, In-Play “gives sports fans from all over the UK an arena where they can beat the bookie and each other!”

Like it!

Of course, Paddy Power already have a strong presence on social media and regularly tweet out promotions and betting tips to its 197,000+ followers, flavoured with their particular brand of lad-friendly banter. However, this is the first toe dipped in the virgin waters of real money gambling via social media.

Facebook has taken a bit of flack in the past for making free-to-play casino games accessible to children. However, Will Collins, Head of Social Casino partnerships at Facebook, welcomed In-Play! enthusiastically:

“Given the popularity of sports betting in the UK, we’re delighted to be welcoming Paddy Power onto the Facebook gaming platform with an innovative gaming experience.”

Paddy Power In-Play!

The Social Bet-work

Another spokesperson, ducking a few rotten tomatoes hurled by an angry crowd of incensed middle-class housewives, had to the following to say:

“Online betting is a popular and well-regulated pastime in the UK. Our carefully chosen partners work within stringent regulatory guidelines to ensure their products and services are used safely and responsibly by adults. These products will be invisible and inaccessible to people aged under 18 on Facebook.”

Paddy Power Facebook App

Age appropriate gamblers who’re bored of Farmville and want to lay down some cold, hard moolah can download the app here.

Alice Jenkinson


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