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Cameras have always been used in multiple ways, to capture memories, recording your child’s first steps, making sure you remember the embarrassing moments of last night, and now… betting?

Apparently so. Thanks to Paddy Power you can now use your smart phone’s camera to place a bet on the match you’re watching.

This unique app makes finding the odds of a game and betting on it so much easier. If you’re nowhere near a TV, you can still place bets using the app through other means. The app sections matches by what time they’re on, what teams are playing in them or even what league the match is part of!

You’ll also be able to find an extensive list of promotions available from Paddy Power and which ones are applicable to the match you want to bet on, so you’ll never need to worry about missing out on extra cash you could’ve won.

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How Does This Work?

Using the bet TV feature, you can receive the latest odds and different in play bets on any game you’re watching. All you need to do is aim your phone’s camera at the match and the app will take you straight to the betting screen. From here you can choose from multiple bets, wagers as simple as who will win to more detailed bets like who will get the next yellow card!

You can also use this app as a match reminder. The app offers a feature which allows you to add fixtures into your phones calendar, meaning you’ll never miss any of those all-important matches again!

Sounds Great Right? Well…

Unfortunately, this is where the praise ends. While Paddy Power has come up with an amazing idea for an app, the whole experience feels rushed and incomplete. Certain features will sometimes not work for unknown reasons, and other parts are unintuitive in their design.

The main problem is that their new and innovative idea, the camera betting function, doesn’t work any where near as well as it should. More often than not it will confuse the game your watching with another, or claim you’re not even watching the TV. The app also has trouble understanding whether you’re logged in or not, and will automatically log you out when you try to place a bet.

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part the app works, but it definitely hasn’t been polished to a standard that we can expect from mobile betting apps nowadays.

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Falling Short Of Greatness

The idea is amazing; it’s revolutionary and could change how we bet on our phones forever. It’s just a shame that it hasn’t worked out in practise, but maybe with a little more time and effort put into the app we’ll have the evolution of mobile betting.

An anonymous reviewer from the app store has put it quite simply that “Placing a bet on Paddy Power’s app is like balancing a coin on a lemon, very difficult and somewhat pointless”… Ouch.

Despite its flaws as a betting app, it still works very well in keeping you up to date on matches that are already underway. The ability to record matches into your calendar as future reminders is also quite helpful, so at the very worst, you can still use this app for its other features.

If you want to download the Paddy Power Premiere League App, sign up with Paddy Power here to have non-stop access to all the important football matches!


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  1. Thanks for sharing details about the innovative apps. As many people use their smartphone camera, they can now easily use it for sports betting purposes. Also, the smartphone can be used simultaneously to get the latest betting news, tips and advice.

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