Paddy Power Brings You Social Betting With BetDash

March 6, 2013 - Posted by Juan Covas-Marcos

Have you ever wanted to bet with your friends? I’m not talking about you having all of your mates round so you just sit on your phones making your own bets; I mean an actual social network focused on betting. Sounds good right?

Well that’s exactly what Paddy Power is now offering you with their new feature, BetDash! Using BetDash, you can keep in touch with your friends, place a few bets and see what everyone else is betting on. There’s also a gaming element to this feature which can win you large amounts of money just for being good at betting!

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Wager With Your Friends

The premise of BetDash started out as just a way for you to get your money to go that much further. You can opt in with any amount you like, and no one else needs to know how much you’re betting. No matter how much you opt in with, you’ll be given a virtual £100,000, which you can use to bet on anything you like.

The challenge is to get as much money as possible within 10 days, up to a maximum of £1,000,000. When you hit the million, you’ll instantly receive 25x your original bet!

BetDash includes a lot more than just a new game though. You can add your friends to your network to see how they’re doing, how much they’re winning, what they’re betting on. If you like the look of something one of your mates has bet on, then you can copy the bet in one click!

There are also leader boards, so you can see who’s at the top of the league, and who’s not doing too well. Other features include trending bets, which shows what’s popular at the time, and a bet feed, which updates to show every new bet any player makes.

This is more than just a social network though; you’ll always receive amazing bonuses, awards and multipliers just by being a smart player. You can challenge other player’s bets if you don’t think they’re right, and possibly earn some bankroll from it. Boosters will be unlocked to players throughout the 10 day period, allowing them to place free bets, and you’ll receive awards every time you hit a milestone or an accomplishment.

Must Dash, Got To Bet

If you’re down the bookies every day, or even if you just like the occasional wager, BetDash is a brilliant social network for you to get into. To use it, all you need to do is sign up with Paddy Power and head to their BetDash page. They’ll explain in detail everything you can receive and soon enough you’ll be the master of bets!

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Juan Covas-Marcos


Juan used to be a transfer student at the University of Reading. He studied English Language and Literature and also worked for us to help him get through University and also to build his experience in the English language. When he graduated, he became a full-time writer for Live Betting and also helps us out with any translations we need.

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