Insanity Bets: First to Leave One Direction?

Hey music fans! You might wanna give this one a miss…But if you have a daughter who can be reduced to a gleeful puddle of adolescent slush by five grinning X-Factor twerps, then why not profit from her inevitable emotional trauma when one of them moves on to pastures new?

That’s What Makes you Beautiful!

That’s right, in the wake of the new One Direction biopic This Is Us, Paddy Power are taking bets on the first member of 1D to call it quits.

One Direction

To be clear, your chosen teeny-bopper must publicly announce they are leaving the band and have their departure confirmed by the rest of the outfit. Also, your bet will be rendered void should One Direction split before your chosen individual official leaves.

So not only will the condition of modern pop music improve by a fair margin, but you’ll be a lot richer and your young’un might move onto the next (hopefully less hateful) thing the kids are into.

Everybody wins! Except One Direction, obviously, but screw them.

Here are the odds from Paddy Power:

First Member to Leave One Direction Odds
Liam Payne 7/4
Harry Styles 5/2
Niall Horan 7/2
Zayne Malik 7/2
Louis Tomilson 6/1

Phone-lines are Now Open…

So, who’s your pick for desertion? Toothy hamster-hybrid and de facto leader Harry Styles? The shy one, Zayn? Blonde bombshell Niall? Or…er…one of the other two? Head on over to Paddy Power and lay a few bob on your pick.

Chances are Twitter will combust should this come to pass, so why not follow us? We promise to break it to you gently…

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Insanity Bets: A Father’s Faith Pays Off

I don’t have any kids, but if the day ever comes when there’s a little junior me running around then I’m sure I’ll be proud in whatever he/she does, whether that’s being an amazing striker, playing the tuba or being able to belch Shakespearean sonnets (I’m personally hoping it’s the last one).

Well there’s one proud daddy out there who had the good sense to not just believe in his son, but to also put his money where his mouth is.

A Little Faith Goes A Long Way

Only 10 years ago, Mick Tunnicliffe saw great potential in his son as a football player. The son had already been in several youth leagues, and was proving to have a real talent for football. It only makes sense to put a £100 bet on your son one day playing for Manchester United. It was only 100/1 odds… No big deal.

Well, on the 26th of September 2012, Mick Tunnicliffe saw his pride well placed and won £10,000 when his son, Ryan Tunnicliffe, first stepped onto the pitch against Newcastle United as an official member of the adult team. Not only was Ryan’s father swelling with pride, his wallet would have been swelling a bit too.

Ryan Tunnicliffe

Talent Is A Terrible thing To Waste

If you’ve got children, you’re undoubtedly proud of them regardless of what they do in life. But just remember that if they start picking up a talent in anything, you can probably place a bet or two on it. Just put some faith in your children and you won’t regret it later on!

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Insanity Bets: Bet On Alien Existence With Paddy Power

People have been watching the skies for years, waiting for a sign of something unexplained heading our way.

The insanity bet this week focuses on bets on alien existence. When will they make contact? Who will they go to?

If you’ve been near a TV in the last few years, you will have noticed Dr Who back on the screen, and with it an array of fictional alien species. It doesn’t matter what form aliens take; many people are convinced that they do exist and that we just don’t know about it yet. Could we soon be seeing broadcasts like this on our news shows?

Do You Think They Exist?

Paddy Power are taking bets on two alien related events: When will alien life be proven and which country will have first contact? Sign up with Paddy Power today and place a novelty bet!

Which Country Will Have First Contact?

USA 7/2
Russia 7/2
China 4/1
Canada 10/1
Sweden 16/1
Finland 16/1
England 20/1
France 20/1
Brazil 20/1
Germany 20/1
Australia 20/1
Ireland 20/1
Spain 33/1
North Korea 66/1
Scotland 80/1
Wales 100/1
South Africa 100/1

Or, When Will Alien Life Be Proven?

2013 33/1
2014 100/1
2018 100/1
2017 100/1
2015 100/1
2016 100/1

Have They Already Been Here?

Speculation over cover ups suggests that aliens might have already been in contact.

Bookmakers were forced to reduce the odds they were offering on alien existence when Winston Churchill feared that the existence of aliens might have induced a public panic attack.

Eisenhower is also reported to have conducted meetings with aliens in secret.

It’s time to make up your mind. When do you think contact will be established? Who will be the first to know? Step out of your comfort zone and place a novelty bet with Paddy Power.

You know, if or when alien existence is confirmed it’ll be trending on Twitter. Follow us here – we could be the first to let you know!

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Place Some St. Patrick’s Day Bets With Paddy Power!

While you’re getting ready to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, we’ve found a few bets related to the wonderful world of the Irish to keep you entertained.

Can You Harness The Luck Of The Irish?

Of course you can – even St. Patrick wasn’t actually Irish. Apparently he came from Roman Britain; which is as good a reason as any to get out those bright green clothes you only wear once a year. You definitely don’t need to be Irish or know anyone who is Irish to join in with the festivities.

Ever since he died on the 17th March 461 and the people of Ireland started recognising that date as a public holiday, in Ireland and all over the world, people have celebrated St Patrick’s day by brandishing shamrocks, wearing green, holding parades and raising a pint or two in celebration.

Irish Relatives… Or Irish Related Bets?

Paddy Power always has a great range of bets on offer. Here are our favourites; related to the Irish, of course.

The year of the next election:

2016 or later 7/4
2015 7/4
2014 4/1
2013 4/1

The Taoiseach after the next election:

Enda Kenny 11/10 Leo Varadkar 25/1 Eamon Gilmore 33/1
Michael Martin 6/5 Richard Bruton 25/1 Pearse Doherty 40/1
Simon Coveney 25/1 Michael Noonan 33/1 Brian Hayes 50/1
Mary Lou McDonald 25/1 Michael McGrath 33/1 James Reilly 50/1
Gerry Adams 25/1 Dara Calleary 33/1 Eamon Ryan 500/1

When will Obama next visit Ireland as the President:

2013 2/9
2014 3/1
2015 4/1
2016 7/1

If you want to take advantage of these great odds, sign up with Paddy Power and keep a four leaf clover handy for when the elections come around.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day 2013 and place some bets! When you’re hungover on Monday morning, at least you can be looking forward to some wins…

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William Hill Is Betting On A White Easter

Guess what? It’s now March and it’s still bloody snowing outside! I like snow as much as the next person, but there’s a time and a place for everything. March should be the time of year where I consider not having to wear my coat because it’s deceptively sunny outside, I shouldn’t have to think about whether I’ll need my umbrella or not. Lousy Smarch weather.

Well it’s not all that bad, because now online bookies have had to cut the odds on a lot of their weather specials. It’s looking rather likely that there will be snow over Easter, so now is your chance to make a little bit of money off of this unpredictable weather.

Think you’ve got it bad? What about these poor sheep?

It’s Not Summer Just Yet

Wrap up warm and head on over to William Hill today and you’ll be able to get some pretty good odds on what the weather could cause. Here’s a list of what you can bet on, as well as the odds for each bet!

Tell us what you think about the weather below!

Lowest Temperature in England to be beaten by April 30th 2013 8/1
Lowest Temperature in Wales to be beaten by April 30th 2013 8/1
Lowest Temperature in Scotland to be beaten by April 30th 2013 8/1
Snow to fall on Buckingham Palace on Easter Day 12/1
Parliament closed by Health & Safety because of Snow & Ice before Apr 30th 2013 20/1
Big Ben to fail to chime for weather reasons before April 30th 2013 50/1
Thames to freeze solid from Tower Bridge to London Bridge before Apr 30th 2013 50/1
Snow to fall during the Cheltenham Gold Cup 2013 66/1

Of course, you won’t be able to place any of these bets if you don’t sign up with William Hill. Make sure you’ve got an account before Easter; otherwise these bets will be null and void. Make the most of this dire weather and hopefully you’ll win enough to book a flight to a warmer part of the planet.

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Thousands Of Bets, Not A Single Winner

Yesterday, I posted an offer from 888 Sport where you could win free spins on their virtual slot machines by guessing who would win the match between Manchester United and Real Madrid. Well if you were watching the game last night, or heard it on the news, you’ll know that the game ended with a 1-1 draw.

There was a lot of response to 888 Sport’s offer, and we can safely say that a lot of people took advantage of the deal, thinking they were guaranteed some free spins. A lot of players even deposited twice using both promotional codes, but since there were no winners in the match, there are also no winners for the promotion.

Everyone’s A Winner! (Not Really)

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes nobody wins and everyone losses. It’s just the luck of the draw, and it looks like everyone picked the wrong winning number this time around. Unless of course you bet on the two teams drawing, then you’re a winner. Give yourself a pat on the back and a cookie or something.

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Twelve Games, 50p and A Large Win

A bit of mystery surrounds this lucky punter, as no one actually seems to know who they are. All that is known is the old Twitter account they used to have, which has now been deleted for unknown reasons, maybe the publicity got too much for them.

All conspiracies aside though, it’s still amazing to see the outcome of this progressive bet, and it shows just what you can do with any pocket change that might be weighing you down!

Nail-Biting Tension

The lucky punter used the Twitter account @visionofscholes to publicise his increasing chances of winning a grand total of just over £63,000 (I’ll just call them Scholes, it makes life easier). Scholes had bet 50p on a progressive bet of twelve football matches across Europe.

Scholes had managed to predict that out of the twelve games he had chosen, eight would be draws and the other four would have a definite winner. Although looking back on these games, many of them looked like they would end with a draw until the last few minutes!

You can imagine the amount of pressure that Scholes was feeling after about four or five games, when it actually looked possible that they could win this. Even in the last game played between Southampton and Fulham, a 90th minute equaliser was what eventually won it for the lucky Twitter user!

64K Later…

There have been a few theories as to why Scholes deleted their Twitter account after the big win. Some people believe that the better may not have been old enough to actually place the bet in the first place; I think it’s more likely that he just didn’t want any unnecessary fame or attention.

Either way, Scholes obviously had a good eye for football, and probably had a bit of luck to accompany them. So if they wouldn’t mind contacting me to give me a few hints and tips, that would be great thanks.

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The Novelty Of Novelty Bets

Usually, our insanity bets will cover sporting wins on progressive bets. This is probably because progressive bets have the largest risk and therefore the biggest winners, but every now and then we see bets that are made outside of the sporting world that still win big!

You can bet on most things these days, there are currently loads of bets relating to the royal baby of The Duchess of Cambridge, several surrounding popular culture and TV shows, you can even bet on the weather! Usually we don’t see many big wins from these as they’re intended to be light-hearted fun, but every now and then someone has to prove us wrong.

Where Will You Be In 11 Years?

The story goes that one day in 1989; a Welshman walked into Ladbrokes and placed £30 on a progressive wager on five separate novelty bets. I’d like to think that he was just having a good guess (either that or someone’s keeping time travel a secret).

Each of the bets were relating to the year 2000, and what would happen by then. The five separate categories her bet on were:

  • Cliff Richard to be knighted (4/1)
  • The pop band U2 to remain as a group (3/1)
  • Home And Away to still be an active TV show (8/1)
  • Eastenders to still be aired on the BBC (5/1)
  • Neighbours still being shown on British TV (5/1)

Granted, some of those don’t look so hard to predict, but you have to remember that these were progressive bets, so if a single one failed, they would all fail. This also made the odds a lot more unlikely at 6,479/1!

As you probably know though, they all happened by the year 2000, and the man walked back to his Ladbrokes a couple of days into the new millennium to claim his reward of £194,400, possibly the largest novelty bet in history!

The Novelty Hasn’t Worn Off

I can’t decide what’s more amazing about this insane bet, the fact that a series of novelty bets were able to win so much, or how this punter was able to make such a good guess 11 years before the bet was due!

No matter which way you look at it, you can still see how novelty bets like this can prove to be as profitable as they are enjoyable. So if you’ve got a good ear for music or foretelling the future, you might to give it a go!

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Put In £2, Out Comes £310,000. It’s That Simple.

Tony Wonnacott of Exeter has been betting at his local bookie, Ladbrokes, since he was a young teenager. He claims he would go in at least four times a week to place bets, and would usually end up at a loss. In fact, he admitted to having knack for losing rather than winning, and over 30 years of betting he had lost a lot of money. He probably would have made some more money if he took advantage of in-play betting.

Well, after a long time, and a lot more experience, it looks like Tony’s ship (or horse) has finally come in.

Six Very Lucky Horses

Back in 2009, Tony went into his local bookmakers just like any other day, and placed a fairly regular bet, seemingly no different to any other bet he had ever placed. He bet on six horses to win with a ‘scoop 6‘ wager (meaning all of them would have to win for him to make any money). Then he left to watch his home team play Morecambe and left the thoughts for his bet behind.

The match ended and Tony started to make his way home, when he thought he’d check into Ladbrokes to see how his bet actually did, rather than just assuming he had lost. Instead, it turned out that he had actually managed to pick the six winning horses, and had magically turned £2 into £310,000!

Image Source

In his own words, he went ‘absolutely mental’ when he found out how much he had won, and immediately called his wife to tell her that he was finally even with the bookmakers.

Patience Is A Virtue

Tony Wonnacott claims that he had now probably covered all of his losses since he started betting in the late 1970’s, in fact he’s probably made a profit with a large win like that. David Williams, spokesman for Ladbrokes, said “Mr Wonnacott is living proof that if at first you don’t succeed it pays to keep trying for 30 years.

So it just goes to show, big wins do come along, you just have to have the patience to wait for it!

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The Perfect Prediction Wins A Punter £190,000!

It’s hard to say whether Dan Field is extremely lucky, or is just exceptionally brilliant at seeing the future. From placing a £11 across four different games, the punter was able to win just under £190,000 from these four games when all his bets won!

Sorry, I was just imagining what I’d do with that kind of money.

Four Bets Later And You’re Rich

I just want to quickly point out the unlikeliness of this happening. If you bet on the winner to one game then the chances of you winning should be roughly 50/50 (depending on the skill of the teams), but betting on four teams to win becomes a lot less unlikely, because if just one team losses then the whole bet goes down the drain.

Dan Field didn’t just bet on what teams he thought would win with William Hill, he bet on what the final score would be as well. Again, I’m not sure whether he’s extremely lucky or had some divine intervention, but all the bets won, letting him claim just under £190,000 on his smart wager.

Image Source

Dan Field successful guessed that Manchester United would beat Braga 3-1, Benfica would beat Spartak Moscow 2-0, Chelsea would beat Shaktar 3-2, and finally, Valencia would beat BATE Borisov 4-2. Being able to make a bet like that with confidence doesn’t come easy, especially when the odds are more than just against you.

Many Hearty Congratulations

Dan Field set some time aside to let people know about his victory on Twitter, claiming things like “Hasn’t sunk in yet. £11 bet returning £189,000 doesn’t happen too often” and then going on to offer his mates a £5 curry and a pint.

He also got some attention from the footballers themselves. Robbie Savage, former Welsh professional footballer who left the lucky winner with a tweet saying “Wow mate – unbelievable bet, well done.

Let’s hope that we can all one day make a bet as lucky as Dan had won on the 7th of November.

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