Insanity Bets: A Father’s Faith Pays Off

June 18, 2013 - Posted by Juan Covas-Marcos

I don’t have any kids, but if the day ever comes when there’s a little junior me running around then I’m sure I’ll be proud in whatever he/she does, whether that’s being an amazing striker, playing the tuba or being able to belch Shakespearean sonnets (I’m personally hoping it’s the last one).

Well there’s one proud daddy out there who had the good sense to not just believe in his son, but to also put his money where his mouth is.

A Little Faith Goes A Long Way

Only 10 years ago, Mick Tunnicliffe saw great potential in his son as a football player. The son had already been in several youth leagues, and was proving to have a real talent for football. It only makes sense to put a £100 bet on your son one day playing for Manchester United. It was only 100/1 odds… No big deal.

Well, on the 26th of September 2012, Mick Tunnicliffe saw his pride well placed and won £10,000 when his son, Ryan Tunnicliffe, first stepped onto the pitch against Newcastle United as an official member of the adult team. Not only was Ryan’s father swelling with pride, his wallet would have been swelling a bit too.

Ryan Tunnicliffe

Talent Is A Terrible thing To Waste

If you’ve got children, you’re undoubtedly proud of them regardless of what they do in life. But just remember that if they start picking up a talent in anything, you can probably place a bet or two on it. Just put some faith in your children and you won’t regret it later on!

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Juan Covas-Marcos


Juan used to be a transfer student at the University of Reading. He studied English Language and Literature and also worked for us to help him get through University and also to build his experience in the English language. When he graduated, he became a full-time writer for Live Betting and also helps us out with any translations we need.

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