Get To Paddy Power For Some Shameful Promotions

August 6, 2013 - Posted by

You’ve got to give Paddy Power credit where it’s due, they really know how to draw attention to themselves. They have their own brand of pants which has already got them into trouble, and know they’re using trouble as an excuse to give away free bets; not that we’re complaining about it or anything.

The latest cheeky promotion from Paddy Power is called Ball Of Shame. The concept is very simple; you’ll receive free bets and promotions any time some bad and shameful behaviour occurs on the pitch. This could be pitch invading, someone pinching a corner flag, a little bit of harmless head-butting or just a player who doesn’t want to stop his shouting match with the ref.


How It Works

Any time Paddy Power deems a player’s or fan’s action as shameful, they’ll give away a few deals to anyone who’s signed up to Paddy Power and registered their allegiance to the same team as that player or fan. They’ve already given all registered Blackpool fans a free £10 bet because of a pitch invasion during their Carling Cup loss to Preston last night.

So what do you think? There’s bound to be some despicable behaviour during any football season, so it’s worth signing up with Paddy Power in the hopes that your team might be do something outrageous. Don’t forget to mention it on Twitter too with #BallOfShame.


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