Insanity Bets: First to Leave One Direction?

August 27, 2013 - Posted by Alice Jenkinson

Hey music fans! You might wanna give this one a miss…But if you have a daughter who can be reduced to a gleeful puddle of adolescent slush by five grinning X-Factor twerps, then why not profit from her inevitable emotional trauma when one of them moves on to pastures new?

That’s What Makes you Beautiful!

That’s right, in the wake of the new One Direction biopic This Is Us, Paddy Power are taking bets on the first member of 1D to call it quits.

One Direction

To be clear, your chosen teeny-bopper must publicly announce they are leaving the band and have their departure confirmed by the rest of the outfit. Also, your bet will be rendered void should One Direction split before your chosen individual official leaves.

So not only will the condition of modern pop music improve by a fair margin, but you’ll be a lot richer and your young’un might move onto the next (hopefully less hateful) thing the kids are into.

Everybody wins! Except One Direction, obviously, but screw them.

Here are the odds from Paddy Power:

First Member to Leave One Direction Odds
Liam Payne 7/4
Harry Styles 5/2
Niall Horan 7/2
Zayne Malik 7/2
Louis Tomilson 6/1

Phone-lines are Now Open…

So, who’s your pick for desertion? Toothy hamster-hybrid and de facto leader Harry Styles? The shy one, Zayn? Blonde bombshell Niall? Or…er…one of the other two? Head on over to Paddy Power and lay a few bob on your pick.

Chances are Twitter will combust should this come to pass, so why not follow us? We promise to break it to you gently…

Alice Jenkinson


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