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July 11, 2013 - Posted by

Everyone has a Facebook account; you, your aunt, your kids; I even knew a dog once that had a Facebook account. So there’s no excuse to not be interested in Paddy Power’s new move to get a social betting app on the world’s most popular social network.

Yesterday, Paddy Power announced that they would be bringing the world’s first social betting app to Facebook, and that the beta testing would start in the next few weeks. The idea behind this move is so that you can place bets on all your favourite sporting events without having to leave Facebook, while also being able to talk with your friends and, if necessary, get some advice too.


Putting The Bookies On Facebook

Gamesys was the first to launch a real-money gambling Facebook app with ‘Bingo & Slots Friendzy’, and shortly after that 888Casino made the first full casino suite available on Facebook. Now Paddy Power follows in their footsteps to become the first bookmaker to join the ever-expanding list of Facebook real-money wagering apps. For more information on the impish Irish bookmaker, check out RightCasino’s Paddy Power Casino review.

It wouldn’t be too shocking to see some of the other big names in betting to follow suit, especially since this is likely to be quite a successful venture.

Paddy Power has already expressed their concern that underage gambling might take place, so they’re enforcing strict age verification to make sure that no one underage is affected. This will probably be done by ensuring that Facebook player’s also have an account with Paddy Power before they’re allowed to use the app.

We know we’ll be playing from the LiveBetting Facebook account, why don’t you join us?


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